About Jody Robbins

I can’t seem to help myself when it comes to sharing information. Having a knack for learning things the hard way, this blog is about sharing my experiences, so you can have better ones. I’m a bottom liner. If I find something fantastic, I insist everyone try it. And should something blow? Well, I’ll dish the dirt on that, too.

When not traveling with my precocious children (one daughter, one husband, one dog), I can usually be found trying something new. Braces at 40? Why not? Joining a flashmob? No sweat. (OK, maybe there was a wee bit of sweat involved.) Facial acupuncture? Someone should’ve told me there’d be actual needles involved!

Life is full to bursting, especially as I try not to let the size of my suitcase limit my potential. I attempted to travel light in the past, but it didn’t take. I find I’m much more entertaining with lots of baggage. I hope you think so, too. Settle in and enjoy the ride.