A Quick Cure for Cold Weather Blues

/A Quick Cure for Cold Weather Blues

A Quick Cure for Cold Weather Blues

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Do you have a quick fix for when you feel a bit down in the dumps? There’s exercise, of course, and chocolate, but I have an endorphin lifter equally as effective: taking a long, steamy bath. Truthfully, I feel sorry for those shower-types. Busy and efficient, they’ll never know the bliss one experiences when floating upon a sea of bubbles.

Like an affair, a bath is best if done in secret and preferably in the middle of the afternoon. You can, of course, take to the water at any point of the day or night, but then you’d lose that decadent, salacious feeling while the world toils away.

There is something so immensely gratifying when being immersed up to your neck in deliciously warm water. Cheaper than therapy, the bath is a necessary respite for those in need of a moment to center themselves, to luxuriate in unhurried time. As the steam rises from the faucet, the worries melt and all you are left with is a cleansed body and raisin-like fingers.

You can just plop yourself in, but it’s much more civilized to come prepared. A tall glass of ice water, a flute of bubbles, a stack of magazines: these are the necessary accouterments for any serious bather.

What to add? Always epsom salts, and the rest is a matter of personal preference, really. You could scour yourself silly with a sugar scrub as I do, or opt for an indulgent oil, like these heavenly ones from Jo Malone.

Whatever you choose, it’s most important to close this ritual by slathering on a thick lotion. Since the skin is the body’s largest organ, I don’t use crap. Again, I look to Rocky Mountain Soap Company for something juicy, or this organic lotion from Dessert Essence. And viola, like a phoenix rising from the ashes, I’m renewed and ready to tackle the rest of my day.

What’s your go to solution for a quick pick me up?

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