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Happy weekend, everyone! It’s been a busy week for me with after school activities resuming, and a sick little one in the house. I’m especially looking forward to getting out to Canmore this weekend and leaving city stressors behind. No matter where your weekend finds you, I hope you enjoy these faves that caught my attention this week. There’s some seriously good stuff in here!

Could this be the next Gangnam Style? It’s trending majorly on YouTube right now. It’s cute. Watch it.

Map lover or not, this collection helps you see the world in a unique way.

Do you know what’s really in your tea?

In case you wanted an update on the Dennis Rodman/North Korea diplomacy action.

You could be guilty! 7 mistakes you’re probably making with your foundation.

Why parents hate parenting.

Amazingly easy homemade Larabars (gluten-free energy bars).

Love this! Masked hero hauls bags and babies up Tokyo subway stairs.

I was surprised to read this: How video games can be good for you (and your kids).

How to correctly guess someone’s email address.

An accepted medical condition? Deets on the world’s first internet addiction centre.

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