Friday Faves a Wee Bit Early

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So “ule,” is not in fact, the Hawaiian word for paddle, as I originally posted on Tuesday’s blog. The tourism folks in Hawaii tell me it means penis. Yep, that’s how my week has been going. (I knew that surfer dude was messing with me!) Things are looking up, however, and by the time you read this I should be warding off winter’s chill in Cabo. I’m off to cover their Comedy Festival, and can’t tell you how much I’m in need of a good belly laugh.

Speaking of laughs, check out these fun articles, recipes and ideas I came across this week.

Armchair travel: Nat Geo’s travel photo contest winners.

Wow! I can’t believe it can be this easy: How to say no.

This food blog is going to be big! Love this post: How to decorate cupcakes with your hands.

A fab holiday gift (you need to get on now): Commission your own art project.

For brunch this weekend: Easy sticky buns with bacon.

Arts and crafts inspired by Breaking Bad.

How to stop antagonizing over the little things.

See how much caffeine is in the coffee served from your favourite chains.

Bet you can’t guess it. The ultimate sign of success.

Image via National Geographic Traveller.

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