boozy bike

You know that’s my bike, right? So, I had my 25-year high school reunion last weekend. It was the best! So many lovely people, so few egos. Incredible, really. I have such a romantic view of my High River years, and by romantic, I mean idyllic and not romantic whatsoever, as I was one of those of those nerdy gals who fantasized about Nick Rhodes and Howard Jones. I digress…Here’s what’s also been on my mind this week:

I had a crazy amount of buzz this week for my post on 6 Fashion Mistakes Moms Make.

So I really loved reading 7 Style Mistakes French Women Never Make (thanks, Claire!).

One bowl hummingbird bars.

A fun read about getting mugged and coping when you’re in a dying industry.

WTF? The rise of the $8 ice cube.

These cute prom pics are an interesting look into how we present ourselves.

Engraved rolling pins! How Martha, n’est pas?

Love flip flops, but miss the feeling of grass under your feet? This shoes are for you!

Holy shitballs! Each week two students sneak into a classroom at Columbus College of Art and Design create a creative riot.

Why you hate work.

Hope you have a good one! 

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