Rain Drops on Window

Rain, rain, go away. I’m not complaining though. After last weekend’s craziness, I’m relishing staying put and getting sorted. It’ll be another busy one though, as I’m determined to work out every day, clean the house and look fabulous for my friend’s dinner party, Saturday night. I also hope to sneak in a hot yoga session and make homemade granola bars with my girl. I’ll let you know if I actually manage to tackle any of these ambitious tasks. In the meantime, if you feel like puttering on your PC, here are some fun links I thought you might enjoy.

10 cool things you can do with a muffin pan.

Do you know which fork to use? Dinner etiquette tips.

This obscene pie made me laugh. Debatable whether my relatives would find it as hilarious if I brought it to the family reunion…

For the Martha moms: ice cream roses.

Have you ever heard of forest schools for kids?

Do you use travel as a way to escape your problems? This author spells out why she thinks travel is a waste of time. An interesting perspective, even if you don’t agree.

Liam, Emma, Skeeter? Alberta’s bold and popular baby names.

The great fish debate: farmed vs wild.

Check out these amazing pics showing people reenacting their old photographs.

Great plaid looks. Who says it’s just a fall pattern?


Have you ever had a Clive Burger? They are scrumptious! Next week I’ll be competing against other Calgarians, creating the ultimate, sloppy, burger. I’m allowed to bring along a secret ingredient to the competition. Any suggestions? The winning burger will be served up to the masses on Clive Day (June 9th) for a minimum $3 donation to Grow Calgary. Burger? Charity? How can you say no?

How will you spend your weekend? More importantly, what are your favourite burger toppings?

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One Response to Friday Faves

  1. A burger event? Yes please!

    Great roundup. And happy Friday. :)

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