Here’s some fun ideas and articles that I thought were deserving to be included in my Friday Faves.

Record store made out of Lego

Best time of the day to drink coffee.

An explanation for why women are so tired.

Read this before nightfall: 4 ways to make your weeknights happier and more productive.

How to take photos at parties.

A sweet way to spice up your holiday.

Should you bribe your kids?

For kids on the go: skootcase.

I think every globetrotting mama needs this set.

Trailer park hotels (without the trash).

A way to get out your frustrations before doing laundry.

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2 Responses to Friday Faves

  1. lhasa says:

    Loved the article on making weeknight’s better! We alway’s fall into the tv/laptop rut. I think it’s time to make a real effort to get more out of our few free hours!
    Thanks for the share.

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