birthday cake candles

Happy Friday, everyone! And Happy Birthday to my high school bestie. She’s a teacher with bad taste in grad dresses (OK, maybe she’s not the only one). Still, I always feel a bit sorry for her that her birthday is right when she’s getting ready to go back to the classroom, but not sorry enough that I’d actually organize a birthday dinner for her or anything. (I leave that to our mutual friend who’s into rainbows and crystals and shit.) Sorry man, hope you have a lovely B-day regardless.

This weekend I’m hoping I can snag a last minute ticket to see this at the Jube, and I’ll be attending my first GlobalFest for the fireworks finale on Sunday. Oh, if you’re in Calgary next Thursday night, you’ll want to attend this free workshop with loads of tips and tricks for healthy school lunches.

Here’s a look at what caught my eye this week. Hope you enjoy.

Have a great weekend everyone. Please let me know if any of these links spoke to you.


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