Bubble on beach

Since I’m taking a mini-vacation this week, I’m following Hemingway’s advice on writing: write drunk, edit sober. Except being perpetually tipsy, I have no choice but to hand over editing responsibilities to my good friend, Red. I’m at Red’s place in Whitefish for the week, and as much as I adore her, she’s a bubble burster.

As a high school teacher, she actually listens to the lyrics in Top 40 songs. Apparently I’m the last person in the world to know that “Blurred Lines” and “Pumped up Kicks” are about non-consensual sex and gun toting teens, respectively. Zut alors! Does that make me a dweeb for still krumping to them? Or, am I simply a dweeb for admitting to (and enjoying) krumping? (Note: would have preferred to use douche over dweeb, but Red thought it was too harsh.)

On lighter note, here are a few things that caught my attention this week. Hope you enjoy.

Hope you have a great weekend, and do let me know a few of your favourite ’90’s songs. (Because this gal gets bored krumping to the same old thing.)

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