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Huzzah! The weekend is nigh, and for once I’m in town! I think it’s been a good six-weeks since I spent a Saturday AND Sunday in Cowtown, so I’m especially excited about double dosing work outs, running errands like a normal housewife and getting trashed at two house parties. And just because I’m an idiot, I’ve signed up to participate in DJD’s annual Dance Marathon on Sunday. Oh, and I’ll be hitting Posto for the second time in two days. It’s a fantastic new resto I’ll review in detail next week. But enough about me, here’s what I think would interest you while you kick back on your days off.

Hwangmaesan Mountain

Rouge et Noir: A Halloween event for grown-ups in Calgary.

Summed up nicely: What’s wrong with hipsters.

Click here to find a surprising hangover cure.

Yes, you talk too much! How to achieve the optimal 50-50 convo flow.

A superb fall salad dressing from Calgary’s River Cafe.

I’m a solid three quarters. Why some women only want, like, a third of it all.

This is high-end baking and by high, I mean, well, you know…

Think you’re a rock star at reading people’s emotions? Find out with this quick New York Times quiz.

Families who love camping might want to get on this before Christmas.

And this would make a great gift for both outdoorsy types and armchair adventurers. (Ladies, I’m talking to you. Order it for your guy for Xmas. While you’re at it, throw in Scar Tissue. You’re welcome.)

Have a great weekend, everyone.

Yours in lycra,


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