Halloween art printHappy Friday, everyone! Today Bar C is celebrating their first year anniversary. Get this, in the past 12-months diners have slurped down 7626 oysters, devoured 1306 orders of crisp artichoke hearts, grazed on 761 orders of buffalo tartar, demolished 876 orders of game meatballs and drowned their sweet tooth in 1086 hot chocolate soufflés! To celebrate they’re bringing back their most popular cocktail, Dr. Phong. If you haven’t tried it yet, you should. Here’s some fun Halloween faves of mine sourced from around the web. Enjoy!

Pumpkin art work

Do you know which spots are the spookiest? 11 of Canada’s Most Haunted Places.

Don’t let the buzz kill headline scare you, it’s worth the quick read: Top 5 Regrets of the Dying.

A great tip for avoiding burnout.

I would have a hard time eating here (as would the majority of my friends).

Just when you thought you made it through the toddler years: How retirement is a marriage killer.

On a lighter note, this cool GIF shows the most popular baby names for girls since the 1960’s.

An easy Halloween appetizer: Jack-O-Lantern dip.

That’s one way of handling it: British groom forgets to book wedding venue so calls in a bomb threat.

An easy Halloween costume for gals.

Adorable Halloween owl print available on Etsy. Pumpkin barber image via.

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  1. merry120 says:

    Great post! I would have trouble eating at that restaurant too!

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