Neal’s Yard Opens in Canada in Calgary!

/Neal’s Yard Opens in Canada in Calgary!

Neal’s Yard Opens in Canada in Calgary!

Back when I lived in London, I used to love popping into the posh shops in Richmond. One of my favourites was this all-natural, organic health and beauty store called Neal’s Yard. Imagine my delight when they opened their first Canadian store in Calgary a few weeks ago.

Neal’s Yard Opens in Canada in Calgary!

The lovely little shop on trendy 4th Street is overflowing with luscious lotions and potions, that all smell so intoxicating. I fell in love all over again with their rose products – particularly the Rose Antioxidant Mask and Wild Rose Beauty Balm. The balm has reached cult status, as you can use it as a mask, moisturizer, lip salve and even as a cleanser. It may be organic, but this shit works, man!

facial maskOne thing I didn’t realize is that they offer treatments such as massage and facial cupping. I have facial cupping done occasionally by my acupuncturist and it’s awesome for detoxifying, plus lessening the effect of wrinkles and scars. I haven’t booked in with Neal yet, but when I do, I’ll let ya know what it’s like.

Create your own potions

All products contain essential oils, not just for their divine smell, but the health benefits. You can make your own products with their Create line, ensuring you get your needs and and scent preferences met. Or, make your own scents and products by getting a bunch of gals together for a private event. Hello, next girls night out!

Perfume sampling

Testing till perfect

I created my own shower gel and body oil (using their essential oils)  this a few weeks ago. Doing so, I  learned all sorts of nifty things about top, base and middle notes, plus the health benefits attributed to each essential oil. A look at my testing notes reveals I thought Geranium smelt like dirt (but is apparently good for PMS). I found Frankincense to be complex and lemony, yet gross. And Ylang ylang smelt like mentholated sport sox. Sadly, I don’t think I’m cut out for a career as a perfumer.

It's a good idea to take notes of your reaction to the scents.

It’s a good idea to take notes of your reaction to the scents.

If you can’t get to Cowtow, you can get Neal’s Yard products delivered anywhere in Canada by ordering online.

What are your favourite organic beauty products?

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