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Shopping in Mexico

Food souveniers

Some people travel for the culture. I travel for the food. And the shopping. But on a recent trip to Mexico City, my shopping prowess was nearly compromised. The schedule was jam packed, and the areas we toured weren’t conducive to the kind of browsing one requires in order to make thoughtful purchases that your friends would be jealous of.

But I’m nothing if not industrious, so during our first lunch break at the trendy, European inspired Delirio, I made a bee-line for their homemade salsas, jams and preserves.

“What are your top recommendations?” I asked the daughter of chef Monica Patino, who runs the deli. She steered me over to a delightfully smoky chipolte salsa, ideal for adding a depth of flavour to meat entrees and soups, not just Mexican food.

pink sea salt

Then I was all over this gorgeous, fuchsia hibiscus sea salt. I’m envisioning rimming margarita glasses with it or dipping slices of orange into the grainy sands before throwing back some tequila, which I also bought.


I’m not extremely proud of my tequila purchase. With my limited Spanish, it was difficult to communicate with the shop owners which bottle was the better bet.

Kraken rum

What I did know, was that this deliciously spiced Kraken rum from the Caribbean was a steal at $12 (retails for over $35 in Canada). I can hardily wait for Christmas time to slosh this into my amazing egg nog recipe.

Mexican Candy

Naturally, I couldn’t let the golden opportunity of having a convenience store close to the hotel pass me by. I stocked up on this tamarind flavoured candy and a bunch of chips with unique flavours like chili lime and extra fiery hot Doritos.

Nacho Libre Mask

And of course, Mexican wrestling masks make the perfect souvenir for any child,  husband or Nacho Libre fan.

What are your favourite kinds of souvenirs to pick up when travelling?

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