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It’s no secret that travelling with tots calls for effort, patience and more carry on baggage than you could ever imagine. Most of us don’t know what we’re getting into with that first road trip or plane ride en familia, but travel savvy mama Colleen Lanin sure does.

Last year I was thrilled to meet Colleen, the force behind Travel Mamas, one of the top family travel blogs in the North America. Her blog dishes the dirt on the best deals and destinations for families, and she’s recently written a book, The Travel Mamas’ Guide.

This book is the definitive resource for planning family travel. Our family has hit 10 countries on three continents avec bebe, and this guide even taught me a thing or two! From budget tips that add up to big savings to the best activities to amuse kids in transit, to the drugging debate (with Benadryl), her suggestions are both practical and based on a wealth of knowledge.

Not sure how to navigate baby’s nap in new environment? No problem! Want to get the low down on home exchanges and vacation rentals? It’s all here, plus advice on how make room for romance and the best portable car seats.

Take the stress out of your next journey and give this guide a read first, so you can concentrate on the most important aspects of your trip – fun and relaxation.

Have you ever read a family guidebook before travelling with your brood? If so, what were the best tips you found?

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