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Can you believe it’s November already? Just like that we’re back into winter. Don’t believe me? Norquay opens today for the entire season and Christmas in November begins at Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge. Yes, only 54 days till Santa comes! This season also makes the return of the elusive truffle. Fans of the decadent shroom will want to take in the Truffle Festival at Muse that runs from November 1 to 30. For those keen to do some web surfing, here’s a look at what caught my eye this week.

cozy fall essentials

I once wore a fancy dress that looked just like this wood-fired oven. (I shit you not.)

This is cute: What each country leads the world in.

This is bizarre: Real-Time Map of Births and Deaths.

The class divide in who gets married and who gets divorced.

They needed a research study to prove this?

Here’s a cozy pasta dish and oven baked chipotle pumpkin fries that look amazing!

The food list challenge – how many have you tried? I scored 96/100. (Yes, I’m boasting.)

What your drink says about you.

A swish site for people who love beards (Note: that would not be me.)

How to say something nice about somebody’s art when you have nothing nice to say.

Daddle: A cute Christmas idea for dads who play horsey all the time.

Have a great weekend everyone! What are your plans post sugar crash?

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One Response to Friday Faves: Welcome to Winter

  1. I love your Friday round-ups Jody and the way you make me want to click on all those links.

    I love winter but I hate November and the darkening days. Maybe truffles at Muse would help. That’s such a great restaurant.

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