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Where to get the flu shot in Calgary + giveaway

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I hate this time of year. The weather is blah and everyone seems to be coming down with a cold or the flu. We can't change the weather, but we can do our best to prevent getting sick. Here's a look at where to get the flu shot in Calgary (yes it's free!) and an opp to win a cold and flu fighter prize pack.

The best, boozy cure for colds and flu + Shoppers giveaway

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How do you avoid catching a cold or the flu at this time of year? Admittedly, it isn't easy, but as you ought to expect from me, I've got a few fun and unconventional tactics.

Kiss jowls goodbye with the Fotona Laser – my review

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Really not loving how my skin is losing its firmness. But I will not go gently into that goodnight! I recently experienced my first laser treatment and the results are pretty obvious. Read on to see how I made out.

This is the best Dermatologist in Calgary + Beauty Booster giveaway

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It can be frustratingly difficult finding a good Dermatologist in Calgary. My clinic, Papillon Medical, is awesome and is giving away a $600 treatment to readers. Read on to learn about my experience with micro needling and Beauty Booster.

I just found the best larch hike in Banff National park

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Forget Larch Valley! I just found an uncrowded, easily accessible and easy-peasy hike just 20-minutes outside of Banff to view the larches. Here's all the deets on where this secret spot is and why you need to get there before the end of September.