Camping in Banff? Here are the best campsites to book

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January isn't even finished yet and the reservation systems for camping in Banff National Park has already opened. Here's a look at the best campgrounds in and around Banff, plus their amenities and info on how to reserve your spot.

Random holiday generator + other hacks to ensure you get a break this winter

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If you're anything like me, you could really use a break this (and every) winter. I'm sharing my best tips on how to make that happen, including how using a random holiday generator can help you find the right destination.

What gifts can I take on a plane + giveaway

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Travelling over the holidays is tough. If you're bringing gifts you're probably wondering: what can I take on a plane? Wrapped or unwrapped? I've got all the answers, plus some AMAZING products to giveaway. Tis the season, after all!

Unique travel gifts giveaway

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Figuring out what to buy everyone for Christmas is the bane of my existence right now. The only thing I know for sure is what to give frequent travellers. If you know someone travelling after the holidays or a person who flies as often as I do, you're in luck. Not only do I have some super suggestions, but all these unique gifts for travellers will be given away by mid-December. Read on to find out how you can win.

How to have the best ever Christmas in Banff + giveaway

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We all know how hectic the holiday season can become. That's why last weekend I stole away to Banff with my daughter. We met Santa, sipped mulled wine (me not her:), leisurely shopped for Christmas presents and swanned about Fairmont Banff Springs. If you're looking for a low key, pre-Christmas getaway, you'll find it in Banff. Here's a game plan.

The best nature hashtags for all of your photos

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I often feel hopeless on social media. There's a fine line between knowing what and when to post, let alone how to get it seen by your tribe. Lately, I've fallen off the wagon on Instagram, but I'm slowly dipping my toe back in the water. Knowing the right hashtags for your images is key. Here's a look at the top hashtags to include the next time you're sharing nature, wildlife or travel shots.

Staying overnight? Here are the best Canmore hotels

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I've spent the past decade splitting my time between Calgary and Canmore. There's so many new hotels that have cropped up in Canmore, it can be hard to keep track. Here's a look at the best amenities each Canmore hotel, hostel, B&B and motel has to offer.

Exploring Okunikko, an easy day trip from Tokyo

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When my daughter and I visited Japan earlier this fall, we hightailed it to Nikko, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Nikko is great and all, but Okunikko, the mountain region of this town is what captured our heart. It's filled with amazing hot springs, lovely hikes and some of the best Japanese food I've ever eaten. Here's a look at our highlights.

The best medical app + travel apps you need to download now

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Truth: I don't have a ton of travel or medical apps on my phone. The ones I do have are awesome - often doing double duty so my phone isn't slowed down by too many features. In this post, I share my legit favourite travel apps and the one medical app I think is indispensable for foreign travel.