ATV Hiking at Fortress Mountain: Everything you need to know

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We all know how busy the trails around Banff and the Kananaskis can be in summer and during larch season. Luckily there's a new private hiking experience at Fortress Mountain. Here's a look at this adventure which involves ATVs and some of the most stunning Rocky Mountain views you've likely never witnessed before.

Why you need to do the Crypt Lake hike this summer

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If you ever have the opportunity to tackle the Crypt Lake hike in Waterton Lakes National Park, you'll want to take it. A stunning hike, brimming with waterfalls, wildlife and a boat ride, Crypt Lake has even more in store for outdoor adventurers. Here's a look at my experience, plus some tips so you can make your day in the great outdoors more enjoyable.

What to do in Waterton Lakes National Park this summer

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It's an epic year in Waterton Lakes National Park. Two super beautiful hiking trails have reopened, there's paddle board and bike action to be had, plus an award-winning dark skies experience. Here's a look at all the new, not-to-miss summer experiences in this cozy Rocky Mountain hideaway.

How is the Rimrock Resort in Banff so amazing

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You'll always win the hotel room lottery at Banff's Rimrock Resort. Not only does each and every guest room peers out onto the Rockies, but their dining room is Canada's only 5 Diamond award-winning restaurant west of Ontario. Here's a look at what a stay this luxe property is like.

These are the best beaches in Edmonton

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Edmonton is one of Canada’s best summertime cities. There's no cold wind blowing off the Rockies to ruin patio evenings and there's several beaches in Edmonton along the North Saskatchewan River, and even more just a short drive from the city limits. Here's a look at our favourite outdoor swimming spots worth the day trip.

The Best Calgary Beaches for Summertime Fun

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When it comes to travel fantasies during COVID, the #1 thing folks are craving is a beach. Initially, I wasn't all that surprised, but I did feel a bit hopeless, living in a landlocked province and all. Then we did some digging. Not all beaches have sandy shores (just look at New Brunswick), and Calgary actually does have a fair number of options. Here's a look at the best beaches in Calgary and those within an hour and a half drive of the city.

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