Things to do in Iceland with Kids

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No doubt you've seen pictures of Iceland's famous hot springs and glaciers creeping your Instagram feed for the past few years. There's a reason for the hype, but Iceland is also quite family friendly. Guest blogger Paige McEachren shares the must visit sites for kids of all ages.

Norquay tubing is the most fun you’ll have all winter

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Winter can be the worse - especially if you don't ski, snowboard or skate. But there is one awesome alfresco activity everybody can do together: Mt Norquay tubing, of course! Here's a look at our experience, plus everything you need to know before barrelling down the slopes.

Do you know what to do in a travel medical emergency?

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I hope you've never been in a medical travel emergency. They certainly aren't fun. While nobody likes to think about worse case scenarios, being prepared is your best chance for a successful outcome. Here's what I've learned after my biggest travel medical scare.

Budget tips for holiday travel and New Year’s Eve breaks

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How will you ring in 2019? I'm partial to a quiet evening at home versus forced revelry. And while I don't love travelling over the holidays, New Year's is A-OK in my books to jet off somewhere. Here's a look at this year's top trending destinations for New Year's Eve breaks.

Calgary’s best holiday and Christmas events + giveaway

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Have you started your holiday prep yet? The only thing I've managed to accomplish is booking tickets to my favourite Christmas concerts. Here's my curated list of festive events worth attending Calgary, plus a chance to win tickets to ZOOLIGHTS and Once Upon a Christmas at Heritage Park.

Best nature hot spots and things to do in Alberta + giveaway

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We all know about Alberta's mountains, pristine lakes and the prairies. But few of us know all the little gems that lie off the beaten path. Here's a look at Alberta's nature hot spots + I'm giving away a gorgeous coffee table book: 125 Nature Hot Spots in Alberta.

Top trending holiday travel destinations for Calgarians

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Do you have any travel plans for the holidays? Me, I like to stay at home. This year, Canadians are reaching beyond their comfort zone - you wouldn't believe the top trending holiday destinations. (I was shocked.) If you like a good surprise, read on!

This is why The Line hotel is so worth it

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The Line Hotel in LA's Koreatown sports everything you could want for in a city hotel. Here's what you need to know in order to have a swish stay here.

Yaaas! The Heritage Inn International Balloon Festival is so worth it

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Last September I took my first ever hot air balloon ride. It was a bit scary at first, then it became totally magical. Here’s a look at my experience and what’s worth checking out at the Heritage Inn International Balloon Festival taking place this week in High River.