This is why The Line hotel is so worth it

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The Line Hotel in LA's Koreatown sports everything you could want for in a city hotel. Here's what you need to know in order to have a swish stay here.

Yaaas! The Heritage Inn International Balloon Festival is so worth it

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Last September I took my first ever hot air balloon ride. It was a bit scary at first, then it became totally magical. Here’s a look at my experience and what’s worth checking out at the Heritage Inn International Balloon Festival taking place this week in High River.

4 Fantastic things to do in Waterton

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I fell hard for Waterton Lakes National Park over a decade ago. Little did I know it could get even better (and more affordable!). Here are the very best things to do in Waterton - especially if visiting during September and October.

Ridgeback Lodge: The best glamping experience you’ll ever have

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Where did I spend the best night of my entire summer? Ridgeback Lodge is a secluded glamping destination in New Brunswick. Their cabins and domes are crazy luxurious, magical and open all year round. Here's how my visit played out.

How to spend the long weekend with family (or friends) without killing each other

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Spending the long weekend with your family or close friends? If you're a houseguest, here are my best tips for getting invited back and making the time together as enjoyable as possible.

Canadian bucket list experiences that are legit achievable for us civilians + hotel giveaway

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Summer's almost over, but there are still pleny of easily achievable and affordable Canadian bucket list experiences to be had. Here's a few ideas for you + info how to score 60,000 IHG hotel points!