What to do in Waterton Lakes National Park this summer

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It's an epic year in Waterton Lakes National Park. Two super beautiful hiking trails have reopened, there's paddle board and bike action to be had, plus an award-winning dark skies experience. Here's a look at all the new, not-to-miss summer experiences in this cozy Rocky Mountain hideaway.

How is the Rimrock Resort in Banff so amazing

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You'll always win the hotel room lottery at Banff's Rimrock Resort. Not only does each and every guest room peers out onto the Rockies, but their dining room is Canada's only 5 Diamond award-winning restaurant west of Ontario. Here's a look at what a stay this luxe property is like.

These are the best beaches in Edmonton

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Edmonton is one of Canada’s best summertime cities. There's no cold wind blowing off the Rockies to ruin patio evenings and there's several beaches in Edmonton along the North Saskatchewan River, and even more just a short drive from the city limits. Here's a look at our favourite outdoor swimming spots worth the day trip.

The Best Calgary Beaches for Summertime Fun

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When it comes to travel fantasies during COVID, the #1 thing folks are craving is a beach. Initially, I wasn't all that surprised, but I did feel a bit hopeless, living in a landlocked province and all. Then we did some digging. Not all beaches have sandy shores (just look at New Brunswick), and Calgary actually does have a fair number of options. Here's a look at the best beaches in Calgary and those within an hour and a half drive of the city.

The best Kananaskis hotels and hostels to stay at

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Stay-cations are on the rise and who doesn't love a mountain getaway? Campsites get booked out fast, but if you're willing to pay a little more, there are several hotels in the Kananaskis region that fit the bill. I found one with summer rates from $120! From luxury resorts to hostels to everything in between, here's a look at K-country accommodation options.

Wondering what to do in Franklin TN? 20 fun attractions

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One of the best trips I took in 2019 was to a town (small city actually) you've probably never heard of: Franklin, Tennessee. Situated just outside of Nashville, Franklin is where tons of celebrities live. It's chic and discreet and has everything going for it - except big city swagger. When travel eventually returns to normal, post COVID-19, I will most definitely head back. If you're looking for a destination with incredible food, shopping and entertainment, you'll want to check out Franklin, too. When the time is right.

Everything you need to know about spring break in Montreal

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To be clear, I'm not urging anyone to travel right now. I do think it's allowable to think about travel and use this time to research future trips. Many of us had our spring break plans derailed, and so long as it's safe to do so, I'll definitely get out of dodge this time next year. I tapped our Montreal correspondent (I so love that I have one!) for all the fabulous things you'd want to do in that fine city. Hope you enjoy.

These are the best Kananaskis hikes – from easy to advanced

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If you're housebound (as we currently are), I bet you're itching to get back to the mountains. Hiking season will eventually return to Canada, and when it does, you may want to try out some new trails. Here's a look at some of the best Kananaskis hikes within easy striking distance of Calgary.

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