Calgary’s best holiday and Christmas events + giveaway

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Have you started your holiday prep yet? The only thing I've managed to accomplish is booking tickets to my favourite Christmas concerts. Here's my curated list of festive events worth attending Calgary, plus a chance to win tickets to ZOOLIGHTS and Once Upon a Christmas at Heritage Park.

What you need to know before attempting a multigenerational trip

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With the possibility of free babysitting and if you're lucky, a generous relative footing part of the bill, multigenerational trips are oh-so appealing. Their reality, however, is much different. Here's what you need to know before planning a holiday with extended family.

6 Reasons to get to Lake Louise this winter

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Spending time in winter at Lake Louise is as close as you'll ever get to stepping inside a snow globe. Here's a look at a few new invigorating experiences in this magical mountain town.