Friday Fave – Would You Believe Whiskey?

/Friday Fave – Would You Believe Whiskey?

Friday Fave – Would You Believe Whiskey?

Jack Daniels

Here’s the thing, I’m not a huge whiskey fan. In fact, just the smell of rye reminds me of high school and bush parties and things better left unsaid. But being an inquisitive sort, I wasn’t about to turn down an opportunity to get to know my former frenemy Jack Daniels better.

Jack is a sponsor of the 2013 Calgary Stampede, and Jeff Arnett, the seventh master distiller in the history of the Jack Daniel Distillery, is currently in the house. I was lucky enough to catch up with Jeff at a Jack Daniels whiskey tasting event at Murrietas earlier this week.

I learned lots of interesting factoids like:

  • Black label is the number one selling whiskey around the world.
  • All bourbons are whiskeys but not all whiskeys are bourbon.
  • If you don’t like classic Jack’s aftertaste, you just might like Gentleman Jack, which has been charcoal mellowed twice to remove the aftertaste. It’s also an ideal whiskey choice for a Manhattan.
  • I adore Tennessee Honey, a great entry point to whiskey (if you like girly drinks)

Glass of whiskey

Tennessee Honey tastes pretty much like pecan pie in a glass. What’s not to love about that? What I don’t get is why they’re not aggressively marketing it to women, but that’s another convo.

Here’s my new favourite cocktail made by Murrietas’ mixologist:

Honey Nut Splash

  • Tennessee Honey
  • Amaretto Disaronno
  • Freshly squeezed lemon juice
  • Topped with Ginger Ale
  • Serve on the rocks with a lemon rind garnish

I’d love to tell you the proportions of booze, but after two of these babies, the notebook fell by the wayside. The third had me attempt my famous party trick – the run, leap, and straddle the nearest swarthy dude. Note to self: Mr.Fabulous, might be fab, but he’s obviously never taken a swing dancing lesson in his life.

Do you like whiskey? If so, how do you drink yours?

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