How to survive the flu when you’re very busy, important and glamorous

Here's what you need to do to comfortably survive a cold or the flu

This was not the week for me to get sick. It never is though. (Photo credit: Mark Eleven Photography)

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Viruses! So annoying! Try as you might, you can’t always avoid them. When I’m stuck down, I’m livid. Doesn’t the flu know I’m very busy and important? I don’t have a sister wife to pick up the slack. All I can do is roll with it. Here are my best tips for when you or someone you love catches the flu.

How to prepare for cold and flu season

You may not have the flu yet, but since I’m a glass half full kind of gal, I bet you’re gonna get it. Assume this and prepare for the worst. Your first order of business: Get the flu shot. Duh.

Yeah, it’s not 100 per cent effective, but 70-90 per cent of flu cases can be averted through vaccination. It’s like the number one thing you can do to help prevent the flu. Plus, if you go into my favourite Shoppers Drug Mart in Calgary (on 17 Ave. SW) you’ll be able to meet Mr. Bhavesh Patel, pharmacist extraordinaire.

He’s so nice, you can ask him  100 questions and he’ll straight up tell you which products are best and which aren’t his faves. He’ll even show you where to find them in the drugstore. Sometimes (OK oftentimes) I’ll text him and ask if whatever newfangled supplement I’ve just read about on GOOP counteracts anything else I’m on. And he answers back!

How to survive the flu when you’re very busy, important and glamorous

Can one ever have too many blankets? I think not. (Photo credit Dan Gold/Unsplash)

What to have in your medicine cabinet

Colds you can feel coming on, but the flu hits with very little notice. Because of that, everyone should have these items in their medicine cabinet:

  • Pain relievers: To help with aches and pains caused by the flu. I’m partial to Tylenol Cold and Flu.
  • Decongestants: To clear nasal passages so you can breathe more comfortably. I kick it old school and sip a lemon NeoCitran before bed. 
  • Throat lozenges: To help soothe a sore throat. For me it’s Ricola all the way. The Huz will want me to throw a bone to Fishermans Friend, but no. Not my jam.
  • Cool-mist vaporizer: The Huz is obsessed with anything humidifier or air purifier related. The vaporizer puts moisture in the air, which legit helps ease coughing and congestion.
The best, boozy cure for colds and flu + Shoppers giveaway

Hot toddy to the rescue! (Photo credit: Mark Eleven Photography)

What to do when you’re sick and miserable

Drink up, baby! If I’m sick, I’m not going anywhere. Nobody’s expecting anything of me. Sounds like an excellent excuse to throw back a hot toddy (or two) in the middle of the day, does it not?

After feeling oh-so much better thanks to said hot toddy, you’ve gotta do what you can to keep your mind off your aches and pains. Go ahead and laugh at the ridiculous things people put on Facebook. (Nobody cares that you were stuck in traffic, Brenda!) Under no circumstances, however, should you stalk your ex on any social media platform. This includes LinkedIn.

Yes, I know. You’re a respectable middle-aged parent. You’re happily married. You don’t even care about your ex. (Except you kind of hope their kids behave worse than yours and their spouse also can’t afford Botox.) Don’t let those hot toddies lower your defenses to the point where you do something regrettable. Far better to use your screen time for something on Netflix – like a juicy movie or The Final Table (featuring Calgary Chef Darren MacLean).

having a cold

I recommend reading and rest, but not this book though. (Photo credit: Mark Eleven Photography)

You need plenty of rest, so tuck yourself into bed with a good book or a trashy magazine. When you’re at the drug store picking up cold and flu provisions, be sure to add a few magazines to the mix. Throw in some herbal teas and bath bombs to make yourself feel better.

I only eat honey toast when I’m sick, which makes it all the more special, I guess. (Photo credit: Mark Eleven Photography)

They say feed a cold, starve a flu, but I’m hungry all the time when I’m ill. Top of my list is tea and toast, natch. It’s filling, but light, and honey is supposedly good for sore throats. Unfortunately, my parents gave me milkshakes whenever I was sick as a child. Consequently, I still crave milkshakes when I’m under the weather, even though I get all mucous-y and bloated with dairy. Apologies for the TMI.

And that’s what I do. I rest, read, drink hot toddies and have a bath a day (if I don’t have a fever). What do you do to make flu recovery bearable?

Let me know in the comment section below and you could win a Shoppers Drug Mart cold and flu prize pack. Receive an extra entry by tagging me on Twitter (@Jody_Robbins) or Instagram (@TravelswBaggage) and including the #ShoppersFluCrew hashtag. Each piece of advice with the proper tagging and hashtag will net you an entry for the draw. Please comment by midnight, January 18, 2019 and I’ll randomly draw a winner the next day.

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  1. Matt McQueen 10.01.2019 at 14:34 - Reply

    I take DayQuil and NyQuil, and I drink lots of green tea when I’m sick. It’s the only time I drink tea lol

    • Jody 13.01.2019 at 09:35 - Reply

      I think a lot of people are like that!

  2. Leigh McAdam 10.01.2019 at 15:03 - Reply

    Rest, read and sip on hot lemon drinks.

  3. Marlaine 10.01.2019 at 15:03 - Reply

    I have a roller with theive oil in it and roll it on the second I feel a cold coming

    • Jody 13.01.2019 at 09:35 - Reply

      Like one of those jade facial rollers?

  4. Arlysefw 10.01.2019 at 16:13 - Reply

    I try and drink lots of fluids, hot water with lemon, herbal teas and water and if I have to be out of the house I take DayQuil.

    • Jody 13.01.2019 at 09:33 - Reply

      I loooove hot water with lemon!

  5. stuart robbins 10.01.2019 at 16:19 - Reply


    • Jody 13.01.2019 at 09:33 - Reply

      Nice one!

  6. Jen Conlin 10.01.2019 at 22:56 - Reply

    Rest, Hydrate and load up on Ginger, Garlic and Vitamin C. A Hot Toddy is also great to help with sleep.

    • Jody 13.01.2019 at 09:36 - Reply

      So that’s why I feel so sleepy after drink it! 🙂

  7. Dianne G. 12.01.2019 at 01:49 - Reply

    As soon as I think I may be getting sick with a cold I drink lots of lemon tea with honey and ginger in it and when I go to bed I pile the blankets on so I sweat profusely. I find I suffer a day or two and then I start feeling better. I make it so nasty for that cold that it does not want to stick around!

    • Jody 13.01.2019 at 09:36 - Reply

      Interesting! I do like to hit a sauna when I feel the sniffles coming on.

  8. Shane Diggens 12.01.2019 at 21:30 - Reply

    I like NyQuil and DayQuil and a good cup of neocitron

  9. Tara Gauthier 13.01.2019 at 00:47 - Reply

    We make sure to take vitamins, rest lots and make sure to encourage healthy handwashing practices!

  10. Sharon Targett 13.01.2019 at 08:01 - Reply

    I try to rest and spend lots of time relaxing in the tub.

    • Jody 13.01.2019 at 09:36 - Reply


  11. ELIZABETH RYAN 13.01.2019 at 17:31 - Reply

    For me it’s warm pj’s
    Lots of fluids
    A cozy blaket and a couple of good books. .
    Rest & relaxation.

  12. Krista M 13.01.2019 at 17:32 - Reply

    Vicks Vaporub on my chest & in the humidifier, drinks with electrolytes, spoonfuls of honey, & strangely the only thing I want to eat is plain chicken sandwiches. Also I tell people not to call or text me because I need to sleep!

  13. Theresa 13.01.2019 at 21:21 - Reply

    Lots of sleep, water (or better yet Gatorade haha I don’t why I think this helps) and Campbell’s chicken noodle soup with crackers!

  14. MyAn Pacholkow 13.01.2019 at 23:09 - Reply

    Comfortable temperature, comfort food but loads of protein to build strength to fight off the flu.

  15. Maritess S 14.01.2019 at 11:49 - Reply

    I take a nap and consume tea with ginger and honey.

  16. Larynda McKay 15.01.2019 at 05:38 - Reply

    Soft everything. Colds & flus are like abrassive scratch pads to my life….I need all the soft things…pj’s, a fuzzy hot water bottle (takes my chills off), a cozy blanket, soft slippers. Oh, abd essesntial oils!

    • Jody 15.01.2019 at 08:40 - Reply

      Yes, soft! What a great tip. Thank you!

  17. Deborah Jongsma 15.01.2019 at 13:56 - Reply

    Oil of oregano and orange juice by the jugful.

  18. Carey Hurst 16.01.2019 at 17:29 - Reply

    I take an oil of oregano regime daily so I am never don for more than an a couple hours or a day if even , so I just curl up with a warm blanket a hot water bottle and have a nap. Your body needs rest when don for the count so you rest. Watching comedy shows helps to lol.

  19. Rossi Nash 16.01.2019 at 19:57 - Reply

    IWhen I start to feel stuffed up, I use a nasal spray and a netipot and go ti bed earlier than usual! I am a night hawk usually!

  20. Carol M 17.01.2019 at 21:15 - Reply

    I haven’t had the flu for many years, but usually lots of fluids like flat seven up, chicken noodle soup and my blankie. I do find hot toddies great for a sore throat.

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