Woman skiing down powder run

(credit: Destination BC/David Gluns)

Have you ever skied Panorama? Or spent a weekend in the Columbia Valley? It seems like just yesterday I took Eve cross country skiing at Pocatera, but we’ve haven’t done a lot of downhill together. All that was about to change. Who could say no to a weekend consisting of ski-schnapps-soak-repeat?

Mountain CondoWe stayed at Riverbend Townhomes right on the hill. They’re rented through High Country properties and you couldn’t want for a better location. We had two separate bedrooms, a large open kitchen/living room and the patio backed onto this wooded area with a bridge and lots of play space for the kids.

Girl sitting on bed watching TVEve didn’t mind that it was too cold to ski our first morning. The cable TV and hot chocolate service might’ve had something to do with it.

Girl holding iciclesEventually she romped around outside and loved harvesting icicles.

Girl in pink jacket on skis following snowboarderThe runs off the express quad chair were perfect for families: lots of blues and greens and even a few black diamonds. What’s great about Pano as a destination resort is that it’s got this Whistler-esque vibe, with a cozy village filled with shops, restaurants and spa services. I know some mamas who just hang slope-slide all day without strapping on skis. Who can blame them?

Hot Springs Pool at Ski Resort

(Credit: Destination BC/David Gluns)

After skiing you can soak in the Panorama Hot Springs Pool – recently named one of the most spectacular ski resort pools by USA Today.

Hot springs pool in winter

(Credit: invermerepanorama.com)

But we choose to sink into the healing waters of Radium Hot Springs.

After seeing a tweet from my fellow travel writer Sarah Deveau, we made a bee-line to Fubuki Sushi for some surprisingly decent in-land sushi. You can breakfast at trendy Blue Dog Cafe or go old school (as we did) at The Bistro Family Restaurant, a no-frills retro diner.

Have you ever stayed or skied at Panorama? What do you think of the resort?