Ridiculous, yet fun! How to host a puppy party

/Ridiculous, yet fun! How to host a puppy party

Ridiculous, yet fun! How to host a puppy party

We love celebrations in this house. So when it came upon the one year anniversary of taking home Buddy (formerly known as Gadget), from the Humane Society and his 5th Birthday not far around the corner, we knew a party was in order. A puppy party!

Ridiculous, yet fun! How to host a puppy party

Buddy enjoyed sniffing out all his presents.

Party Prep

Eve, my seven year-old, dove into the preparations straight away. First there had to be presents. During a dog food run, we picked up a new squeaky toy she was sure he’d love. Next, we invited the guests. Brutus, Cocoa, Monty and Lily made the A-list, plus anyone who’d ever babysat our pooch. Sadly, Lily couldn’t make it, but Ember and her brother Hollis popped by, as did Finnegan (best name ever) and of course, their owners tagged along.

Dog cake

Naturally, the cake was the highlight of the event.

Canine Cake

And what’s a party without cake? We searched online and made this delicious carrot, peanut butter concoction that went down like a treat.

dogs greeting each other

Buddy greets his guests

Party Poopers

All in all, the guests were pretty well behaved. Naturally, there were a few incidents. One old dog (who shall remain nameless), kept trying to get frisky with the available females present. After ignoring polite brush offs, he eventually got what was coming to him. Let’s just say that these bitches didn’t have more bark than bite.

And sadly, Monty, isn’t as spry as he used to be. He twisted his knee after one too many puppy games. But everyone knows party injuries are to be expected, and so he soldiered on.

All I can say is, I’m glad that’s over with.

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