Situated in Western Canada, Alberta is one of the 10 Canadian provinces. Bordered by British Columbia and the Rocky Mountains to the west, the prairies to the east and sub Arctic in the North, the province has a lot of geographical diversity. 

In Alberta you’ll find 5 national parks and 75 provincial parks that protect but the land and its species. This tag examines all the things you can do in Alberta. With both the Rockies and the Canadian Badlands within its borders, Alberta offers a wide variety of outdoor adventures – from skiing and hiking in the mountains to fossil safaris (for dinosaur bones) and excellent options for camping and glamping.

This post also showcases the best places to stay in Alberta with accommodation options ranging from hotels and motels to hostels and AirBnBs.

Though Alberta is considered a prairie province it boasts many beaches and natural hot springs which this blog explores. The main cities: Calgary and Edmonton both offer great shopping (no sales tax here!), family friendly activities with historical villages, a zoo, theme and adventure parks, plus vibrant restaurant scenes. Within both cities are lush river valleys laced with multi-use trails.

You can also find great things to eat and do in Lethbridge and lesser known areas of the province, such as the Village at Pigeon Lake and Waterton Lakes National Park. As for mountains, both Banff and Jasper National Parks are located here, plus less well known wilderness areas such as the Kananaskis, Canmore and the Canadian Badlands. 


10 Fun things to do in Lethbridge right now

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I wasn't expecting to find loads of outdoorsy and fun things to do on our last trip to Lethbridge, but I did. Our family has been hitting up this Southern Alberta city to visit relatives for years, but it took until this summer for us to really explore it. Now I know all its hot spots and soon you will, too!

Guided hiking on Fortress Mountain: What it’s really like

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We all know how busy the trails around Banff and the Kananaskis can be in summer and during larch season. Luckily there's a new private hiking experience at Fortress Mountain. Here's a look at this adventure which involves ATVs and some of the most stunning Rocky Mountain views you've likely never witnessed before.

Best things to do in Sundre. Why you need to get here now!

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In a culture of non-stop media (sorry about that!) it's hard to be surprised - in the good way - when you travel. I was legit delighted when I visited Sundre with Eve. I found a sweet mountain town that was super affordable, with loads of things to do and get this, no crowds! Here's a look at all we got up to on a recent weekend getaway there.

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