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Camping in Banff? Here are the best campsites to book

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January isn't even finished yet and the reservation systems for camping in Banff National Park has already opened. Here's a look at the best campgrounds in and around Banff, plus their amenities and info on how to reserve your spot.

This is why you need to do the Lake Louise Gondola

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You don't need me to tell you Banff National Park is crazily crowded each summer. But most people don't realize how uncrowded its ski resorts are. You'll find free parking (and a shuttle into Lake Louise) from Lake Louise Ski Resort. AND... we spotted not 1, not 2, not 3,4,5, but 7 grizzly bears from the Lake Louise gondola! Here's a look at our experience, because you really ought to replicate it yourself.

Banff yoga and barre in the mountains

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Is your exercise routine in a rut? Mine was, until I tried this awesome, invigorating outdoor class at Sunshine Meadows. I felt so much better - physically and mentally afterwards. If you love being outdoors in Banff, and are into yoga or barre, you'll want to hit up these classes before summer's end. Here's all the deets...

I just found the best larch hike in Banff National park

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Forget Larch Valley! I just found an uncrowded, easily accessible and easy-peasy hike just 20-minutes outside of Banff to view the larches. Here's all the deets on where this secret spot is and why you need to get there before the end of September.

Banff Via Ferrata: The Wildest Trip You Can Take in Banff National Park

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Have you ever climbed a mountain? Not hiked it, but actually climbed it? You can in Banff National Park at the Via Ferrata at [...]

Sunshine Meadows Hike: Lonely Planet says it’s #1

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There are hundreds of hiking trails in Banff National Park, but not all are suited for families. Sunshine Meadows is a fab hike for kids. Find out why here.

10 Amazing spots for glamping in Alberta

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Tent haters: I feel your pain. Trailers are a major investment and hotels ain't cheap. Fret not! I found 10 fantastic options for comfort camping AKA glamping across Alberta.