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These are the best beaches in Edmonton

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Edmonton is one of Canada’s best summertime cities. There's no cold wind blowing off the Rockies to ruin patio evenings and there's several beaches in Edmonton along the North Saskatchewan River, and even more just a short drive from the city limits. Here's a look at our favourite outdoor swimming spots worth the day trip.

Canada Day party ideas so you can safely celebrate

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Do you celebrate Canada Day? I always mean to, but our schedule is so all over the map, I usually don't get around to it. This year feels different. Maybe that's because I'm ready to celebrate ANYTHING. If you're also up for showcasing your national pride (safely), you're sure to enjoy our easy Canada Day party ideas.

The Best Calgary Beaches for Summertime Fun

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When it comes to travel fantasies during COVID, the #1 thing folks are craving is a beach. Initially, I wasn't all that surprised, but I did feel a bit hopeless, living in a landlocked province and all. Then we did some digging. Not all beaches have sandy shores (just look at New Brunswick), and Calgary actually does have a fair number of options. Here's a look at the best beaches in Calgary and those within an hour and a half drive of the city.

20 Traditional Canadian Foods You Need to Try

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With Canada Day on the horizon, I thought I'd take a deep dive into what traditional Canadian food is. I mean, we know what American cuisine is all about, but Canadian? Not so much. I was happy to discover more treats beyond butter tarts and nanaimo bars! Here's a look at some sumptuous snacks, desserts and dishes to whip up whenever you're feeling patriotic.

The best Kananaskis hotels and hostels to stay at

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Stay-cations are on the rise and who doesn't love a mountain getaway? Campsites get booked out fast, but if you're willing to pay a little more, there are several hotels in the Kananaskis region that fit the bill. I found one with summer rates from $120! From luxury resorts to hostels to everything in between, here's a look at K-country accommodation options.

Headed to Banff for kayaking? You’ll want to read this first!

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Once restrictions have lifted, hiking in Banff is a no brainer. Kayaking is another invigorating way to explore this epic National Park. If you're looking for something different to do that's close to Calgary this summer, check out these top spots for kayaking in Banff and Lake Louise. We've got rental information, too!

Kananaskis camping: What you need to know

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It doesn't feel like camping season yet, but in a way it is. That's because many online reservation systems for campsites in Alberta open up for the summer season, like now. Here's a look at some of the biggest and best campsites to consider in the Kananaskis region, plus info on their amenities and how to book your site.

Sidney, B.C.: All the best things to do here

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Everyone has their happy place and if I were to pick just one in Canada, it very well might be Sidney, B.C. This charming town lies just outside of Victoria, and holds a very dear place in my heart. Here's a look at all the fun things you can do in Sidney, plus where to find affordable accommodation and the freshest seafood in town.

10 Awesome things to do in Parksville

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Have you ever been to Parksville, a magical spot on Vancouver Island? If not, you'll want it to be on your radar. This small city sports endless shoreline and offers easy access to ancient coastal rainforests. It's one of those places where you can be adventurous, laze on a beach, steal away to a spa and get your fill of quality seafood. Here's a look at what my family and I get up to when we visit.