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These are the best beaches in Edmonton

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Edmonton is one of Canada’s best summertime cities. There's no cold wind blowing off the Rockies to ruin patio evenings and there's several beaches in Edmonton along the North Saskatchewan River, and even more just a short drive from the city limits. Here's a look at our favourite outdoor swimming spots worth the day trip.

How to Have the Best Kayaking Experience in Calgary and Area

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I love being active outdoors, but if I'm being honest, I have zero upper body strength. Canoeing (and blow drying my hair!) exhausts me, but kayaking, well that's something I can get behind. We did a deep dive into the best kayaking spots in and around Calgary, Edmonton and the Kananaskis region, and have all the deets on how to score rentals, so you can be first out come summer.

Top trending holiday travel destinations for Calgarians

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Do you have any travel plans for the holidays? Me, I like to stay at home. This year, Canadians are reaching beyond their comfort zone - you wouldn't believe the top trending holiday destinations. (I was shocked.) If you like a good surprise, read on!

West Edmonton Mall Wows Wee-ones

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World Waterpark is this BIIIIG Yea, it’s spring! Oh wait, we’re back to winter. With our fickle weather, I’m sure I’m not the [...]