Some people are into goal setting, others aren’t. You can tell that the writers behind Travels with Baggage are, as we have dedicated so many posts about it. This tag examines how to set goals and intentions. There are posts on books to help you reach your goals, how to make New Years resolutions that stick, plus easy health and wellness tips. Sometimes we derive inspiration from others and if you’re looking for holiday inspiration, summer bucket list ideas or simply how to improve your own processes, you’ll find it through this tag.

Goal setting is a very individualized activity, but we can all take inspiration from others. Sometimes all that’s needed to set you off on the right path is a little nudge from someone else or an idea to spark the change within year. Setting yourself up for success needn’t be cumbersome. One of the easiest ways to make positive change is to think about what your future self would thank you for. That might be as simple as making overnight oats before bed, so you have a healthy breakfast waiting for you in the morning. Or it might mean committing to a weight training class even though life seems full to bursting.

Whichever way you want to organize it, we’ve researched and written about several strategies that can bring your objectives within reach. But this is a lifelong practice. Once you’ve met your accomplishments it’s all about maintaining your new lifestyle through healthy choices and having systems in place.

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