Guided hiking on Fortress Mountain: What it’s really like

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We all know how busy the trails around Banff and the Kananaskis can be in summer and during larch season. Luckily there's a new private hiking experience at Fortress Mountain. Here's a look at this adventure which involves ATVs and some of the most stunning Rocky Mountain views you've likely never witnessed before.

How to Have the Best Kayaking Experience in Calgary and Area

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I love being active outdoors, but if I'm being honest, I have zero upper body strength. Canoeing (and blow drying my hair!) exhausts me, but kayaking, well that's something I can get behind. We did a deep dive into the best kayaking spots in and around Calgary, Edmonton and the Kananaskis region, and have all the deets on how to score rentals, so you can be first out come summer.

Kananaskis camping: What you need to know

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It doesn't feel like camping season yet, but in a way it is. That's because many online reservation systems for campsites in Alberta open up for the summer season, like now. Here's a look at some of the biggest and best campsites to consider in the Kananaskis region, plus info on their amenities and how to book your site.

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