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What a weekend Wim Hof workshop is really like

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If you've heard of The Iceman, Wim Hof, then you likely know a bit about cold water therapy. I didn't. But that didn't stop me from doing a weekend Wim Hof workshop at Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise. Read on if you're curious to know what it's like wading into a freezing lake when it's -25°C outside.

The best Lake Louise restaurants to eat at year round

By |2020-11-03T12:57:29-07:00October 21st, 2020|Categories: Food|Tags: , |

No matter how you choose to explore Lake Louise, one thing's for certain: you're going to get hungry. Whether you're looking for a sit down meal or a grab-and-go option, there are plenty of top notch Lake Louise restaurants to fit the bill. Here's a look at our favourites.

This is why you need to do the Lake Louise Gondola

By |2020-05-27T14:02:36-06:00August 1st, 2019|Categories: Travel|Tags: , , |

You don't need me to tell you Banff National Park is crazily crowded each summer. But most people don't realize how uncrowded its ski resorts are. You'll find free parking (and a shuttle into Lake Louise) from Lake Louise Ski Resort. AND... we spotted not 1, not 2, not 3,4,5, but 7 grizzly bears from the Lake Louise gondola! Here's a look at our experience, because you really ought to replicate it yourself.

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