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How to survive the flu when you’re very busy, important and glamorous

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The worst part about getting sick is going through it, knowing it could take days before you feel better. From hot toddies to bath bombs, here are my best tips on how to survive a cold or the flu.

Where to get the flu shot in Calgary + giveaway

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I hate this time of year. The weather is blah and everyone seems to be coming down with a cold or the flu. We can't change the weather, but we can do our best to prevent getting sick. Here's a look at where to get the flu shot in Calgary (yes it's free!) and an opp to win a cold and flu fighter prize pack.

The best, boozy cure for colds and flu + Shoppers giveaway

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How do you avoid catching a cold or the flu at this time of year? Admittedly, it isn't easy, but as you ought to expect from me, I've got a few fun and unconventional tactics.