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I just found the best larch hike in Banff National park

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Forget Larch Valley! I just found an uncrowded, easily accessible and easy-peasy hike just 20-minutes outside of Banff to view the larches. Here's all the deets on where this secret spot is and why you need to get there before the end of September.

Sunshine and Champagne: Slush Cup at Sunshine Village

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There’s two things I look forward to every May long weekend: wearing white again and Slush Cup at Sunshine Village Ski Resort. What is Slush [...]

Banff snowshoe: 10 Surprising things about trekking around Sunshine Village

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This is more difficult than it appears:) I always thought snowshoeing was kind of lame. I mean, the ethos of the sport is [...]

Sunshine Village ski lessons could be Banff’s best

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Do your kids want to hit the slopes? Here's a look at one of the best ski schools in Banff, and a unique early-start program offered by Sunshine Village.

What I’m into this winter in Calgary (and you might be, too!)

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This time of year can be pretty grim unless you've got something (ideally many things) to look forward to. Here's a look at what you need to do in order to survive winter in Calgary.