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We have lots of posts on destinations to visit, but this tag explores all the useful travel tips that make travelling easier. There are posts on how to take advantage of budge travel deals, how to stay healthy when travelling, the best travel medical apps, what to do in a travel medical emergency and even how to avoid travellers diarrhea and the cost of Dukoral. Many people don’t know what to do when they lose their ID when travelling and this tag dives into that, plus tips to avoid travel theft. Family travel is a different beast from the carefree journeys you may take with friends or as a couple. Baby travel and teen travel are explored in depth as is how to successfully vacation with another family. Multigeneration travel, solo travel and travelling with your pet are becoming more and more popular and are represented in posts with the travel tips tag.

Budget tips for holiday travel and New Year’s Eve breaks

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How will you ring in 2019? I'm partial to a quiet evening at home versus forced revelry. And while I don't love travelling over the holidays, New Year's is A-OK in my books to jet off somewhere. Here's a look at this year's top trending destinations for New Year's Eve breaks.

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