Beach at Pueblo Bonito Sunset Resort

Check out the beach at Beach at Pueblo Bonito Sunset Resort.

Have you ever been to a place where it felt like you were at home, though you’d never lived there? For me, there are certain destinations I have a thing with. I always knew London and I were meant to be, but Cabo is another mistress of mine. With direct flights from Calgary, a weekend trip to Cabo couldn’t be easier.

Hotel bedspread welcome

Scoring top marks for rice art.

I’ve been to this hotspot a few times in the past two years, but last weekend’s jaunt was a “work” trip as evidenced by our bedspread welcome.

View of Cabo Arches from Boat

Finally! I made it to the Arches!

Friday was spent in water. First to the Arches, then to Chileno Bay for a spot of sea kayaking, paddle boarding and snorkeling.

Pueblo bonito Sunset Resort Pool

Pueblo Bonito Sunset Resort sports an infinity pool

One of the writers in the group was a psychic who did poolside palm readings for us that afternoon. I made my new best friend take notes on my reading, as I was in no state to remember that my Jupiter was rising. Naturally, I can’t read her handwriting, but I was able to make out the words, “energetic” and “independent.” Thank god I didn’t pay someone to tell me that.

Woman holding cocktail at Cabo resort

Three cheers for tequila.

Then there were cocktails and a site tour of Esperanza, a swish resort Fergie and Josh Duhamel recently stayed at. Here’s another celebrity nugget: Barak Obama stayed in Villa 67 during the G20 summit.

Saturday morning we cooked up a storm at Los Tamarindos, an organic farm and restaurant near San Jose, before taking in a concert by Ximena Sariñana (Mexico’s Nora Jones) at Hotel El Ganzo. El Ganzo rocks. Next Tuesday I’ll detail more on this property where Charlie Sheen and Slash like to party.

Oh, and I did my first celebrity interview with Heather McDonald from Chelsea Lately. She was in town performing at the Cabo Comedy Festival.

Mexican food souveniers

Yes, I made it to MEGA.

But quite possibly the best part of my trip was making my driver stop at the MEGA in San Jose en route to the airport. God, I love that store. While I couldn’t get my hands on any pan de muerto, I was able to pick up cactus tostadas and fresh from the oven corn tortillas, plus tamarind pulp for cocktails and Tajine, cuz it rocks on tortillas, coconut and oranges. I may have thrown in a few treats for Eve and Dan, too.

I’m the world’s best packer, so there was ample room in my suitcase for these necessary purchases, and no extra charge for my overweight suitcase. If only I had nabbed the correct suitcase off the luggage carousel, all would’ve been swell. Can you believe some dude has the same bag, same size, same luggage tag as I do?

Have you ever been to Cabo? What are your favourite spots there?

Thank you to Los Cabos Tourism and Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach Resort who hosted my stay. As always, my opinions are my own.