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I can’t take credit for this amazing little find. It comes courtesy of Kait Kucy, curator of the blog Yuppie Love (and someone you definitely want to follow on Pinterest if you’re into that). Kait always has the most glossy chestnut hair, so I asked her what her secret was.

Organix shampooI was surprised to find out it’s this Organix coconut milk shampoo available at Target. Not only does it smell divine, it also leaves your hair super soft and shiny. It’s also pretty easy on the wallet. While I’m happy to pimp the shampoo, the conditioner was merely so-so, as it didn’t get out all my tangles.

Warning: you seriously only need a dime-size amount. It lathered up so much I was like, how much sodium lauryl sulfate is in this bitch? Sorry, Tony. (Aside: I just found out my father-in-law reads all my posts. I’m thrilled he’s here, but I still gotta be me, ya know?)

Anyway, turns out there’s no SLS in the shampoo, but Earth mamas will want to read the ingredients list themselves, as I’m no enviro chick. And despite its name, it’s not an organic shampoo. Still, I liked, and thought you might, too. Time to lather, rinse, repeat ladies.

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Blue easter eggs

Is it me, or is this week flying by? I can’t even remember what I did last weekend, I only know I didn’t get around to doing my taxes. Whoopsies! This weekend I’m off for my final ski day (well, snowboarding really) of the season at Norquay. My little one has just made the switchover from being a two planker wanker to a shredder, and I’m looking forward to seeing her on a board. Here are a few fun links for you to enjoy.

Bike with LED lights

Check out these sweet LED bike lights.

Calling all Marathas. Make your own marshmallow peeps for Easter.

I always thought I’d be great at naming nail polish colours. What it’s like to name products for a living.

But I think I would’ve been a better spy! Why female double agents are the deadliest.

A drool-worthy spring feast of grilled lamb and crostini.

Busy? Of course you are! How to manufacture more time in your day.

6 night masks for beautiful skin.

I so do not agree. 10 reasons Carrie should’ve chosen Aidan over Mr. Big.

Kidoodle.TV lets parents customize and set time limits on what their kids watch. It’s only $5 a month, so I’m considering booting Eve off Netflix for this.

Kids love doing this Cosmic Kids Yoga!

Another great read for parents who don’t want to raise overconfident twerps. Why parents need to let their children fail.

How the Seinfeld Strategy can help you stop procrastinating.

Have you seen Target’s new summer garden party collection? It’s so cute (and affordable).

Hope you have a great weekend! What are your plans?

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eat at the bar

When was the last time you were a double zero? I think I was about 10 years-old, but I’m still able to dip into 00 at the mall with the recent opening of Double Zero at Chinook Centre. What’s the name all about? Well, double zero flour or 00, as it’s known in Italy, has a lower gluten content then our strong Canadian wheat flour. Italians use this type of flour for making pizza and pasta dough.

pizza lounge

The light and airy space recently opened next next to Tory Burch (how convenient!). There’s ample seating in the lounge downstairs and the dining room upstairs.

Waitress with bottle of wine

That’s Kaitlin, one of the best waitresses I’ve ever had. She’s beyond lovely and her recommendations were spot on. I adored her favourite mushroom pizza bianco, with its garlic base, carmellized onions and creamy taleggio cheese. Topped with a grilled lemon, the acid really brought out the flavours.

Double Zero pizza

And I was surprised by how often I kept going back for the chorizo salami pizza (I’m so not a sausage girl). With grilled red peppers, olives and and goats cheese, it was definitely moreish. Confession: I ate 3/4 of that pie!

Waitress carrying two pizzas

I demolished the ‘zza on the right

The one thing I love to order at any Double Zero is their roasted cauliflower. It’s studded with chick peas and pecorino cheese, and should be renamed, “the appetizer that tastes amazing and is healthy!” It’s a wonder I’m not in product marketing…

Get this, I drank beer! And I liked it! They have this Fallentimber Meadery draught, that tastes like a cross between an elderflower cordial and a shandy. I think mead means honey, so it was sweet and not at all nasty as beer (and French pedicures) tend to be.

Meatballs in tomato gravy

Score these meatballs for $5 during Happy Hour

The best part is they have a Happy Hour weekdays between 3 to 5 p.m., where select beer, wine and a variety of nibbles are available for $5.

The only thing that blew were the bathroom hand dryers. This gal likes hand towels. If that’s the only thing I have to complain about, I’d say they’ve done a pretty bang up job. In fact, I’m headed back with my extended family this week.

Are you a fan of thin crust Italian-style pizza, or do you prefer the thicker North American kind?

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Fresh Produce

I don’t know about you, but I’m longing to get outdoors, to see a bit of green, to eat some fresh produce plucked straight from a garden. This weekend I came across these pictures from our trip to France in 2012. We were lucky enough to stumble upon the village market day, and spent a happy morning picking up provisions for a picnic lunch. If you’re lusting after outdoor farmer’s markets as much as I am, these pictures are a happy reminder of what’s to come.


Baskets of Sausage


Veggies at farmer's market

French Oysters

I went crazy slurping back these oysters they shucked on the spot.


One day I’ll be bold enough to smuggle a leg of jambon back to Canada.

As gorgeous as the market was, the weather was not. Drizzle turned into downpour and we opted to eat our picnic on the floor in our B&B. Because the floors were original chevron, it wasn’t such a hardship.

Chevron floors!!

Chevron floors!!

How often to you hit up Farmer’s Markets? Do you have any favourite markets or suppliers?

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Would you be down with an open marriage? Call me old fashioned, but that’s so not my scene. But it is Gwyneth Palrow’s, apparently. Several media reports came to light this week that exposed the superstar’s marriage to Coldplay frontman Chris Martin.

Gwyneth Paltrow People Magazine CoverAccording to a source that spoke to People magazine (which reputedly only prints info confirmed by publicists), Gweny and Chris had an open relationship and the Academy award winning actress didn’t care if her husband stepped out with another woman. Aside: I always knew there was something to those rumours with Kate Bosworth. Apparently Chris and Kate made out in public at a U2 concert in Vegas a few years back. Star broke the story, he threatened to sue, he never did. Now we know why.

Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris MartinAnyhoo, back to me. And you! Could you ever do that? Be all, “Oh, we’re deliciously happy. Everything is perfect! Here, try some of my double wood baked, gluten-free pizza. Amaze, n’est-ce pas?”

First public outing since the split

First public outing since the split

For starters, I’m like, super tired. All. The. Time. Who has the energy to keep two relationships going? Also, loathsome as I hate to admit, I’m just not that cool.

Goop image Gwyneth and ChrisDo I think this is what caused the Paltrow-Martin break up? No. I think if you’re married to a rock star or a sports star or a any kind of celeb, it’s a ticking time bomb. The pressure is just too great and as most ladies already know, there’s only room for one big swinging dick per relationship. Fortunately, I grabbed the balls on that one.

TGIF, folks!

P.S. These wheat-free, sugar-free cookies of Gwyneth’s are the bomb!

P.P.S. Friday Faves will be back to its regularly scheduled program next week.

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