More About Jody

I can’t seem to help myself when it comes to sharing information. If I’m not writing, Tweeting, or being tapped for lifestyle tips on TV and radio, you’ll most likely find me chatting up a stranger in the grocery store. I love a good chin-wag and I love meeting new people. I also don’t get embarrassed very easily, which is a good thing because…

I have a knack for learning things the hard way.

This blog is about sharing my experiences, so you can have better ones. I’m a bottom liner, a questioner, and if you ask the huz, a know-it-all. (Secretly I think I’m celebrity gifted. Recalling obscure celebrity trivia is a party trick of mine, as is leg wrestling and tap dancing!) If I think something’s fantastic, you can bet your bottom dollar I insist everyone try it – including you!

Besides raising a family and frequent travel, the one constant in my life is trying new things. Braces at 40? Why not? Joining a flash mob? No sweat. (OK, maybe there was a wee bit of sweat involved.) Facial acupuncture? Someone should’ve told me there’d be actual needles involved! I reckon I’m the oldest female snowboarder on any slope, but I’m not certain that’s a good thing…

Life is full to bursting, especially as I try not to let the size of my suitcase limit my potential. I attempted to travel light in the past, but it didn’t take. I find I’m much more entertaining with lots of baggage. I hope you think so, too. Please settle in and enjoy the ride.

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