Obviously, still newlyweds

Obviously, still newlyweds

Anniversary dates

Do you celebrate your anniversary? We do, but to be honest, it’s pretty lame. We usually mark the occasion with a dinner date. Sure, there’s bubbles (I am, after all, me…), flowers and the obligatory card, but…snooze. I don’t really know what I’m expecting, or if I should be expecting anything from our anniversary?

Couple shot

On a whim, I dyed my hair for the very first time. Regretful…

First year anniversary

Our first year anniversary was special. We were in New York on business, a friend snagged us a room at The Plaza Hotel and I had red hair! (Inspired by the locks of a dancer in a cage at a nightclub in Acapulco. Not one of my better choices.) Since then it’s been either picnics in the park (the London years) or dinner out. Since the huz isn’t a fan of fine dining, this is one of the few times a year I’m able to go to a kick ass restaurant with him.

Eve joins us on an anniversary carriage ride

Eve joins us on an anniversary carriage ride

This weekend will be our 12-year anniversary. Coincidentally my brother-in-law will be visiting us in Canmore at that time, which means I’ll likely start drinking caesars at 8 a.m. There’ll be board games, surely some kind of homemade Italian antipasti and lots of red wine. And I’m pretty sure I’ll get a fantastic night sleep, as the odds of the boys passing out in the basement are high. I’m actually really looking forward to his visit, but what does this say about me? Have I given in the towel? Do I not care about keeping romance alive?

Whoops! Dan's head cut out of last year's anniversary pic.

Whoops! Dan’s head cut out of last year’s anniversary pic.

Help me out here. Do you celebrate your anniversary? If so, how?