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I’m off to Thailand next weekend and I’m so excited, I can barely contain myself. The last time I was in Southeast Asia, I was taking a break from teaching English in Japan, and thought having a little Canadian flag sewn onto the outside of my backpack was the height of cool.

Back then packing for travel seemed so much easier. Tevas, MEC rad pants and ratty T’s were all we needed. But this time, I need appropriate gear to see me through days at a cooking school, navigating through Bangkok’s night markets and dining in restaurants that are a step up Khao San Road. Sufficed to say, I’ll be sweating, slicing and slurping, and need to look good doing it.

My favourite travel clothes

Here are a few outfits that I think make the grade – based on recs from this excellent female packing list for Thailand.

This dress has seen me through four seasons, two trips to Europe, Mexico and countless hours in the park. It doesn’t wrinkle (even when rolled into a tight ball and wedged in my suitcase) and the A-line is flattering on almost all body types.

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(Yes, that’s me having a Lord of the Flies moment with a pig’s head at our summer BBQ last year.)

While I have my fair share of Lululemon gear, I find hoodies are too bulky for travel. A better bet is a lightweight jacket with zip pockets that can keep you warm on the plane and doesn’t take up precious cargo area.

Travel coat
Love this lightweight jacket, especially since there’s no bulky hood.

My girlfriends and I are great at sharing. For the past few years, we’ve been swapping summer clothes whenever one of us goes on a holiday. With our short Canadian summers, sundresses and shorts don’t get much wear and tear, so they tend to last forever. Instead of stocking up on new items, a whole new wardrobe is just a phone call away.

Here are some items my good friend T has graciously let me borrow. Be forewarned, I’m new to blogging and didn’t anticipate a photo shoot, hence no make up.

travel dress
A bit short, but it scrunches up to nothing in your suitcase and doesn’t wrinkle.

This is a classic LBD, that I can dress up or down, depending upon where I’m going.

Another winner that’s lightweight.

I love the colour of this fuchsia number, but given my propensity to burn, I’m a tad worried I’ll look like a massive lobster. Still, it’s lightweight and rolls up into a tiny little ball. Best of all, neither of T’s dresses wrinkle.

What are your favourite travel pieces? Are there some items that make it into your suitcases year after year?


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  1. Brilliant packing ideas lady. Love it. You will look completely saucy on your trip. Can’t wait for the photos and blog post upon your return. SAFE travels. xo

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