What the average Canadian family looks like

What the average Canadian family looks like

I’m always curious to know about other families. I wonder how others manage their time, why certain families live where they do and what life is like for them. One of my editors has launched TheNewFamily.com, a website that offers modern views on family life and celebrates family diversity. It’s best known for a series called  “I bet we can find 1,000 ways to be a family,” and its #1000families project.

I recently participated in the 1000 families project. It’s a reader-generated series of first-person stories that offer a unique view into the lives of individual families—no matter what they look like.

The voyeur in me is obsessed with this site. It’s fascinating to see how the other participants make their family life, be it with a partner, extended family members, friends they can’t live without or on their own. This site reminded me, you don’t need to have children to have a family and there is no typical family anymore. Being unique and different is the new normal.

Would you be interested in sharing your family story? They’re looking for contributors. If interested, simply send your story (about 500-words) and at least one family photo to the site’s editor, Brandie Weikle, at [email protected]. Photos must be about 1,000 pixels wide or more, and they also hope for a headshot (Face Book profile pic will do) and a one to two-sentence bio. And the guideline of 500 words is just that; longer (or slightly shorter) submissions are also welcome. 

Do you think you’re part of an average family?

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