Tattooed woman holding baby

Say what you will about Sheryl Sandberg, her organization Lean In, is working with Getty images to add thousands of pictures to their database that better represent the changing face of women in the workplace (and men’s stepped up roles at home).

According to the New York Times, the three most-searched terms in Getty’s image database are “women,” “business” and “family.” Yet, images of  women climbing up a ladder, briefcase in hand in are hopelessly out of date. (And I’m not just talking about the shoulder padded navy suit.) I’m quite excited to see these images being put into use in magazine articles and advertisements. Here’s a few of them below.

Girls and technology

Older woman in a meeting

Ethnic business woman with long hair

African American woman doing business

Older man braiding young girls's hair

Reversed gender roles

What do you think? Do these images accurately reflect how the roles of women and men have evolved? Did they go far enough?