7 awesome things to do now with your family in Calgary

family activities in Calgary
A trampoline park is one of the many zones inside InjaNation

Technically we’re almost at spring, but those who live in Calgary know better. While temperatures may climb during the day, overnight freezing can leave snow on the ground for weeks. During this whatever you want to call it in-between season, here are 7 fun things to do now with your family in Calgary .

escape locked room props
Escape rooms encourage families to solve puzzles together

Escape Room Escapades in Calgary

If you were to ask my daughter what the highlight of her winter has been, she’d tell you it was doing an escape room experience with her friends (and loser parents). We went with The Locked Room which takes kids 6-years and older. I liked this one because at a glance, you get a description of the room, the location in Calgary (there are three) and the escape rate (which is key).

Locked room
Each themed room at The Locked Room has clues you have to uncover.

When we did a similar experience in Ottawa, little did we know we were given a room with an 11% success rate. Not great for kids. In Calgary, Eve and her three friends manage to escape Lair of the Minotaur. You can call the hosts for clues and actually walk out of the room at anytime if you want to. Naturally we didn’t because 12-year-olds are super smart.

YYC Hot Chocolate Fest

This is a time sensitive one, but it makes February so much sweeter. From now until the end of the month, certain cafes, restaurants and coffee shops are serving up special hot chocolate with proceeds going to Meals on Wheels. We had a lovely cup at the Ollia macaroon shop in the Beltline. Also on our hit list are the gourmet mugs of cocoa at Waves, Analog and Yann Haute Patisserie. While Epiphanie Chocolate isn’t participating, their hot chocolate is so sinfully rich and thick it coats your teeth.

Ollia Calgary
Who can say no to mug of hot chocolate, especially when it supports a local charity?

Acura Tube Park at Winsport

A lifesaver for parents with one kid in ski lessons and another just hanging around, this new tube park is awesome. While you’re supposed to be over five-years, I saw pre-schoolers barrelling down. You can get two, three and four hour passes, but the two hour pass is only available online. That’s probably all you need anyway. Oh, they’re only open after 5pm on weekdays, but during the day on weekends. Because they make their own snow here, families can enjoy frosty fun long after it’s melted in the city.

Winsport tubing
There are nine lanes for tubers to bomb down at Winsport.

New Outdoor Ice Rink and Park in the Beltline

Ok, this one is weather dependent as too nice a winter/early spring and our outdoor rinks melt. I recommend hitting up the new rink at Thompson Family Park on 16 Ave and 11 St. SW. It’s right beside a new playground with a super slide and other modern equipment. For nostalgia I’m also a fan of skating at Bowness, Olympic Plaza and the Stanley Park rink off 42 Ave. SW.

Board Game Cafes in Calgary

Pips, Hexagon and Boxcar are some of the better known games cafes in Calgary. Our local is found at the Good Earth Coffeehouse. Here, we have a variety of games to choose from for only $5, but it’s free when you order. Most of these cafes serve kiddie hot chocolates and lucky me, the Good Earth is licensed. These cafes are an ideal spots to test drive new games before buying and you’re to find some new favourites (Say Anything for us).

board game cafe
You’re looking at a perfect afternoon right here


Breaking! InjaNation is a rad new adventure facility sports several obstacle courses (think American Ninja Warrior), rock climbing walls and a trampoline park in the city’s north end. It’s equally as attractive to parents because you can choose to work out too or let mini ninjas go off on their own. Rest assured, they have staff at each station allowing you a time out – perhaps in their business or parent’s lounge? Helicopters who want to hover but not participate aren’t charged. It’s even suited for the very young with a separate toddler area and wee trampoline zone.

teens foam pit
Jousting sticks are a big hit for kids at InjaNation

Calgary Family Cooking Classes 

If you want your child to try new tastes, you’ll have better luck if they prepare the dish themselves. Get them started by enrolling in one of the many cooking classes for youngsters offered in Calgary. ATCO’s Blue Flame Kitchen runs kid’s camps during PD days and the Cookbook Cooks has classes for 8-11-year-olds. Meanwhile, Epicurious Kids Cookery is a dedicated children’s cooking school that runs a variety of classes.

What do you like to do with your kids during this in between season?

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