Kid Project: Feel Good Box

Do you have a secret stash of magazines or chocolate hiding somewhere in your bedroom? I once did, but when I eventually got around to reading my beloved UK magazines, they were out of date (who wants to read about Easter in fall?) and worse, the chocolate melted over my unmentionables. Still, I know the value in having comfort items close at hand for when you need a boost, which is why kiddo and I made a feel good box together.

Kid Project: Feel Good Box

January has got to be the most depressing month of the year, so what better way to chase away the blahs by creating something lovely? My tween used to love crafts, but she’s not as keen to paint and create random works of art anymore, but this project she was all over.

We began by listing out what circumstances might necessitate diving into a box of special treats. Bad days at school and work, friendship issues, a cold: these are the type of events when a gal and her mother need a pick me up.

How to make a feel good box

Then we thought about what activities and items make us feel better. Chocolate, a hot bath, a hug, these kind of things take the sting of tough times away. Next we scoured the house looking for the appropriate items to put in. Sachets of hot chocolate: check. Our favourite mini Halloween candy: check. Books,magazines, tea and tissues are also great additions.For me, I snuck in a few luxe beauty samples from Sephora and travel size bath salts. There may or may not be an airplane bottle of Baileys in there, too. Coupons for a massage, movie date or activity of your choice were also made and added.

kid's crib

Since I haven’t gotten around to putting all the Christmas accouterments away, I used up the last of a roll of wrapping paper to make it look extra special. Our feel good box now resides in Eve’s private chill out room AKA her closet. Nestled on the bottom shelf of a sweater organizer, it’s there for whenever she or I need some additional comfort. And I know she thinks it’s cool, because I overheard her bragging about the box to friends and proudly showing its contents. Now all we need is a really crappy day or experience to put it to good use. You know I’m kidding, right?

Another version of the feel good box is the phone box. Take a shoe box and fill it with kid favourites that they don’t (aren’t allowed to) play with on a regular basis – stickers, activity books, stamps, silly putty, licorice, etc… When mama’s on the phone and needs not to be pestered, pull out the phone box and they’ll happily amuse themselves for a good 10-minutes. In theory, that is….

Do you have a stash of feel good items or a rainy day activity box in your house? If not, what would you put in yours?

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  1. Fun idea and craft to share with kids. I may have to try this! P.S. I’ll bet most boys who have a secret stash of magazines have a totally different kind of magazine! 😉

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