A Year of Intentional Parenting

A Year of Intentional Parenting

Intentional parenting.Gulp! Sounds daunting, doesn’t it? Like with most things in life, the more your prepare, the easier the task is. I’ve been a huge fan of Calgary-based Parenting Power for several years now. Surprise, surprise, this know it all, doesn’t know jack when it comes to parenting.

That’s why I turn to the experts. I just learned that Parenting Power published their first book: A Year of Intentional Parenting and it is fantastic!

I truly believe most people try their best when it comes to raising great kids. Yet, we’re only as good as our toolbox. You don’t know what you don’t know, and when bringing up children, you are always faced with new and often surprising situations. What to do when Johnny walks in on mom and dad going at it? How to react when the baby first throws her food on the floor? When to bring up the notion of stranger danger? Or puberty? Or sex?

Parenting Power book

You may not be the type who thinks they need advice on how to parent, but I encourage every caregiver to pick up this book because it HELPS. Even if you’ve got a perfect little angel on your hands, I bet you’d like to know some tips for dealing with grandparents. Or how about eliminating arguments before they start and answering your child’s tricky questions?

Ages and Stages

Those in the throws of the toddler years will learn easy to implement strategies on getting kids to sleep and more importantly, keeping them in their beds. For the older set, you’ll find tips on cyber bullying, teaching independence and solving power struggles.

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boy crying
Seem familiar?

The book is super easy to read, broken down into bite sized morsels of about two pages per issue. Don’t worry if like me, you’re picking it up mid-way through the year. You can simply flip to the section you could use some help with. Though I encourage you to read the whole thing.

There’s a lot of guilt in modern day parenting (at least there is for me), and Parenting Power cuts through the negative noise in our heads by offering real life solutions for keeping calm and reacting purposefully even you feel overwhelmed.

Best is how they identify those issues that are hard to discuss with others, much less admit to ourselves. I’m talking about liking one child more than the other and making your adult friendships work when they don’t parent like you do. Been there!

You can purchase A Year of Intentional Parenting on Parenting Power’s site, or find it at many local bookstores. If possible, pick it up before spring break. There’s a whole section on survival tactics including planning tech time and what to do if you’re not going on vacation.

Raise the Bar

As much as I love this book, I’m still a fan of getting together with other like minded parents and learning from each other. Parenting Power facilitates this through a number of courses they offer each month. Most are e-courses that range in topics from self-esteem to demystifying toddlers and pre-schoolers.

I got a group of gals together and meet on a weekly basis to go through Parenting with a Plan. Truly, the best money I ever spent. It’s changed the way I parent and I bet it will for you, too.

Yes, intentional parenting sounds like a lot of work, but it’s not. It’s much easier on everybody in the long run.

Have you read any parenting books you’d recommend? I’d love to know your suggestions.


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2 thoughts on “A Year of Intentional Parenting”

  1. Thanks for sharing this. Parenting, in my opinion, is a forever-tricky task and there’s no one method that fits all. I try to be a “modern” parent, but sometimes find that it’s the “traditional” styles that work in certain situations — and the strategies are different for every one of my three kids! So, yes, I do also consult the experts, A.K.A. books, Internet articles and other moms. I’ll give Parenting Power a try!

    1. With three kids you must be busy! I’ve never regretted any time or money I’ve spent with Parenting Power. They are the best! Hope you find their book and services useful.

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