Ladies, this post isn’t for you, it’s for your significant other. So go ahead and hand the computer over to your mate right now, so I can give them the hard word on Mother’s Day. (But do come back to it, so you can find out how to win the EvelineCharles spa products set.)

Mother’s Day ideas

Dude, you know job #1, don’t you? Help the kids deliver their love and cheer in the form of breakfast in bed (after, of course, you’ve helped them all week with their shopping, home-made presents and cards). We live for those moments, so don’t forget the pictures – after I’ve had a chance to enhance my just woken-up look.

Once that 30 minutes is over and the kids are back to focusing on themselves, my day isn’t quite over. Moms know what we want and, sadly, it doesn’t involve you. No offense, but absence truly makes the heart grow fonder.

You see, the perfect Mother’s Day doesn’t involve any sighs, bickering or passive aggressiveness. We just can’t risk it, so it’s best not to be around the presence of any family members – especially the mother-in-law. Far better is to leave us to our own devices, and girlfriends.

Your wife vs your mom on Mother’s Day

It should go without saying that Mother’s Day is not the day to celebrate your mother. You need to sort that out the week leading up to Mother’s Day, man. Because Mother’s Day is the day to celebrate us, and by us, I don’t mean you and I. I mean ME, and possibly my mother if I’m so inclined.

flowers in rubber boot vase

Cute, but where’s the champers?

“Wow, how can I make this happen?” you wonder, like the clever husband you are. Just because your presence isn’t required doesn’t mean your presents aren’t. We just really fancy having a day to ourselves to do whatever we want. Perhaps we’ll hit the mall, go to a day spa or linger over a very lengthy lunch with the ladies. Here’s a few ideas to get your creative juices going:

  • Let me sleep in. As adorable as our ankle biters are, please hold them off with their delightful attempts at breakfast in bed until at least 9 am.
  • Make my coffee Irish, or jazz up that OJ with some champers.
  • Get the kids out of the house – fast. (Remember, I’m hoping to have the entire day to myself, which means a day off from being bad cop.)
  • Through down a little spending money.
  • If I’m piddling around on my computer, offer to help me out with those tech support issues I can’t seem to figure out.
  • Take me out for dinner or, if we stay in, insist on doing the dishes.

What to buy your wife for Mother’s Day

Still want to shower me with presents? OK, I’ll let you, but it’s gotta be something I actually want, otherwise I’ll just get annoyed. To that end, gift certificates for cooking classes, spa treatments, malls and bookstores are always appreciated. And a card is nice. So long as you remember to sign it and give it to me on Mother’s Day.

Mother's Day Print

Cute for some, but not my jam.

Am I right ladies, or am I right? What’s your ideal way to celebrate Mother’s Day? Comment below to win an EvelineCharles spa gift set. (It’s the divine smelling Flora Verde body scrub and body butter with a luxe candle.) I’ll draw a winner by noon on Friday and will announce it on my Facebook page and Twitter feed.