Nat Geo Kids Almanac Review and Giveaway

Nat Geo Kids Almanac Review and Giveaway

Who else is panicking that schools lets out this week? If you’re like me, you’ve attempted to carefully craft your family’s itinerary to ensure a good balance of lazy days, vacation time and childcare (mama needs to bring in some bacon!). Trouble is, no matter how hard you plan, life loves little surprises. A delayed flight, a sick sitter, you know how it goes. Best is to be prepared and stock up on games, activities and books to dole out during those times when you need back up. I present to you my savour this summer: National Geographic Kids Almanac 2016.

National Geographic Kids

I’m a huge fan of National Geographic Kids Books. They’ve perfected the art of combining fun and information. My daughter first got hooked on their books at one of those Scholastics book fairs and since then, they’ve been a strong anti-dote to backseat boredom.

Nat geo kids

The 2016 Kid’s Almanac is suited for middle grade readers for both girls and boys  (ages 8-12). It tips the scales at over 350 pages and contains 900+ incredible photographs that only Nat Geo can deliver. You’ll find page after page of weird-but-true facts, crafts, activities, recipes and first hand accounts by real Nat Geo Explorers.

Nat Geo Kids Almanac Review and Giveaway

It’s ideal for camp care packages and when you need kids to be engrossed in something other than the TV, plus it’s a great way to keep kids reading over summer. But don’t toss it out come the school year, I was surprised to find a Homework Help section with handy tips on everything from writing essays, to giving oral reports and how to read maps and atlases.

dino myths book

My daughter is particularly enamoured by the animal friends section and there’s a new “Dino Myths Busted” feature. Free digital extras that allow young readers to access NG videos, photo galleries and games by using clues found in the book to unlock these online gems are also available.  

Want to win this summer survival book for yourself? Simply comment below and tell me your best strategies for keeping kids occupied when you need a quiet moment. Comment by midnight, June 30 and I’ll randomly select a winner on Canada Day. 

Special thanks to Nat Geo for offering a Kids Almanac 2016 to one Travels with Baggage reader!

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2 thoughts on “Nat Geo Kids Almanac Review and Giveaway”

  1. Hey Jody! Love the Nat Geo books. I buy tons of them at Scholastic Book Fair and dole them out throughout the year. I need the new one!
    Meant to tell you – I sent your blog to a family in Paris who’s visiting Calgary this summer(specifically your Canmore & hiking articles) She said she’s passed them on to other Parisian friends planning Canadian holidays. Thanks for the awesome tips!

  2. Hi Jody, i would love to win this national geo almanac for my son.since 8 mths old,i have been reading books to him everyday. Now when i want some quiet time,i give him a stack of picture animal books to flip. He loves all ocean creatures, bugs, planets, zoo and jungle animals. We visit the library almost weekly for new books. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

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