It’s out! 25 Places in Canada Every Family Should Visit

I thought this week would never come, but here it is. As my lovely Orthodontist once told me, “Two years will go by in the blink of an eye. Do you want to have straight teeth at the end of it or not?” Sorry for the digression. What I meant to dive into is … my first book: 25 Places in Canada Every Family Should Visit got released this week! And I now have straight teeth, by the way. 

25 Places in Canada Every Family Should Visit
Because I know you haven’t seen this image enough on social media this week.

We wanted it to be released before the May long weekend, but not too far off summer, so families could take advantage of all my tips when planning their vacation. But the book isn’t filled with just my tips. Luckily I know a ton of professional travel writers and adventurous family travellers. You bet I tapped them for their best advice on how to make family travel easy and affordable.

Because let’s be honest here, the idea of being stuck in an airplane with a toddler and baby doesn’t sound all that appealing now does it? From personal experience I can tell you it is indeed no party. But there are ways to make family travel easier. Way easier. As you know, I tend to learn things the hard way, and my book takes all the guesswork out of navigating a fantastic family holiday. It shows you how you can devise a holiday where everyone wins. And I mean everyone. Family travel isn’t just about the kids. Mom and dad need to feel like they’ve gotten a break, too. I think I’m most proud of my chapter on how to carve out couple time. I should’ve titled it: Beyond sex in the shower. I bet that would help sales. Maybe for the second edition?

maid of the mist cruise
Whoops! There’s not one pic of my husband in the book. Is that the equivalent of not thanking your spouse at the Oscars?

About the book

25 Places in Canada Every Family Should Visit is part guidebook, part travel memoire and part how to, so families feel confident travelling with their children. Families have different travel needs, and I give the scoop on affordable hotels, worth-it attractions and nature hideaways, in addition to piquing the interest of young travellers with quirky, kid-friendly facts.

Catering to families such as my own, I pulled together 25 of Canada’s best family-friendly destinations and compiled in-depth profiles for each, providing a schwack of options to keep even the most active of families entertained. These past few years have been crazy busy for me, as I personally visited each and every location.

My end goal was to inspire families to explore this vast country of ours – and to do it in the sanest way possible. Those 25 destinations aren’t just iconic Canadian hot spots. There’s plenty of under the radar spots too, giving families plenty of inspiration for their next getaway. Besides the 25 destination, I wrote up chapter specific suggestions for the how-to of travel. Things like surviving road trips, packing like a pro, saving money and sharing tight spaces, etc…

canada travel book
Note: Not my mug. Not my coffee.

Where to buy 25 Places in Canada Every Family Should Visit

Many awesome retailers have agreed to stock my book. I’m not sure just yet, which independent book stores (and attractions featured in the book) outside of Calgary will be carrying it. For now I only know who placed large orders. You can find it on sale at:

And if you don’t find it at these fine stores, please ask the manager. Demand they pull it from their stock room! Just don’t offer I’ll do a book signing. The last thing I want to do is sit at a sad, shared table with some science fiction author, while pretending to look pleasant. Let’s say you do find it at a large store, but it’s hidden away. You have my permission to place it in a more prominent position in the store. The front table perhaps?

And you can order it online at

woman inside glamping tent
I wanted this to be my author photo, but I think my publisher thought the yellow runners made it too sexy.

How I’m celebrating

Enough about the book already, let’s get back to my favourite subject: me. I thought I’d celebrate when I handed in the final manuscript. I didn’t. I did pop some prosecco when I submitted 3/4 of the book. I’m glad I did that at least. The editing process was gross. I felt like this book would never be done, you know?

I had a fantastic editor though. I love her to bits and she made it so I didn’t dread opening up her emails. (I really hope none of my current magazine and newspaper editors aren’t reading this:) Anyway, I felt I couldn’t really celebrate because the whole process seemed never ending. Even last week I was frantically lining up book reviews, doing interviews and writing up guests posts to garner coverage.

This week though, I’m celebrating. My good friend Leigh of Hike Bike Travel (an outdoor adventure site I love) gave me a bottle of Mumm champagne. I popped that baby Tuesday morning. I pulled back two glasses, then treated myself to a hot yoga class in the middle of the day. I told you I learned things the hard way! Note to self: Never attempt hot yoga after a glass (or three, but who’s counting?) of champers again. You will sweat like a mother.

How have you celebrated big accomplishments or milestones in your life? More importantly, at what point do I need to stop using the book as an excuse for overindulging?

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  1. Candace Glenney

    Wow Jody…good for you! I’ll have to look for this next time I’m @ Indigo.

    1. Thank you! I hope you do. You have my permission to move my books to a more prominent position in the store, too:)

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