5 Thing to Look Forward to This Weekend

/5 Thing to Look Forward to This Weekend

5 Thing to Look Forward to This Weekend

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Is there anything better to look forward to than a girl’s weekend? I think not. Especially when you’ve been duly owed one for quite some time. I can’t wait to catch up with this group of gals, I’ve been friends with since elementary school. Our lives have taken us in different directions: we don’t all listen to the same music anymore, shop at the same store or spend hours on the phone like we used to. Fortunately, we’re always able to pick up right where we left off, and that’s what makes old friends golden. Here’s a look at what I’m most looking forward to this weekend. Hope you have a good one and stay gold, Ponyboy.

A Hike

We’re having our girl’s weekend in the mountains, so we have to, you know, do something outdoorsy. Does traipsing across Three Sisters looking at show homes count? Depending on how Friday night goes, we might be ambitious enough to tackle something to burn off those calories ingested. Grassi Lakes is an easy one and I like Sulphur Mountain because it goes up, up, up and then boom, you’re done.

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(Banff Lake Louise Tourism/Paul Zizka Photography)

A Soak

There has to be some spa element during the course of a gal’s weekend. It’s like, a rule. Once we took a cue from Teen magazine and made homemade masks, applying honey and mashed up fruit to our faces. We didn’t look ridiculous at all. I’m keen to soak away the stress of our first-world problems at Banff Upper Hot Springs.

natural hot springs

A Flick

When we weren’t teasing our bangs into spectacular shapes, we spent much of the ‘80s watching John Hughes movies together. I bet we curl up on the couch at some point to watch 16 Candles or When Harry Met Sally. Does anyone remember Long Duck Dong? Or Bung Chow?


Some Cake

My mom made this popcorn cake one Christmas when we were in high school and it became an instant hit. My daughter even requested it instead of birthday cake one year. What’s so awesome about it (besides all the candy), is that you don’t cut it. You tear off pieces with your hands. You can even form the pieces into little balls and pelt your friends from across the room when they make disparaging comments about Duran Duran.

gluten free cake

A Good Read

Will I have the time (or inclination) to read anything besides trashy celebrity magazines this weekend? I doubt it. Still, on Sunday night I hope to steal a few minutes to tuck into this book. For whatever reason, the last few books I’ve read have been set around the Napoleonic Wars, and I’m desperate to join this century. Here’s hoping I don’t inhale a pound of butter during the course of it.

French novel

What are your plans for the weekend?

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  1. Tanya 24.10.2014 at 15:14 - Reply

    That sounds fabulous J. It’s our 5th Anniv. So hubby and I are going to enjoy a nice dinner our and the Alberta Ballet. I am also going on a girls weekend in Banff nxt wknd so looking fwd to that. Keep up the awesome work. T

    • Jody 24.10.2014 at 16:25 - Reply

      Happy anniversary! Would love to hear about your girl’s weekend ideas.

  2. Jennifer 24.10.2014 at 16:09 - Reply

    I am so looking forward to my girls’ weekend! I love getting together and just talking – it is so nice to know we (women) are not alone in our struggles to find balance. Getting together with my girlfriends always affirms for me that we are in this together no matter where we are in life!

    • Jody 24.10.2014 at 16:24 - Reply

      I feel like burning my bra now!

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