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Lately, I’ve been feeling a bit run down. Considering all the hoopla surrounding the holidays, I suppose it’s not unusual to get under the weather. Over the years, I’ve amassed a collection home remedies and supplements to boost my immunity. Knock on head, I mean wood, I haven’t been sick yet this season. Here are some of my favourite preventative techniques:

Cutting back on sugar. Numerous studies have shown that increased sugar equals decreased immune response. If you’ve over indulged (as I often do) and then come into contact with germs (or any toddler) you’re more likely to catch what they’ve got. Plain and simple.

Get enough rest. Sounds like a no-brainer, but how often to you hit the hay an hour earlier on a consistent basis? Nuff said.

I’m a big fan of Dr.Weil and he recommends Astragalus, an ancient Chinese root to boost immunity all year round. You can buy capsules at health food stores or the dried root in Chinese medicine shops.

Most people I know take Vitamin D, but not everyone increases their dosage during the winter months when there’s less sunshine. I take 2000 units a day as a supplement.

I started buying Super LSN (found at health food stores like Community in Calgary) to help my husband combat cold sores. It’s also a fantastic immunity booster when you’re feeling run down.

Sometimes a little steam clears whatever I’ve brewing right out of me, so I hit a sauna or steam bath at the gym. You can also fill sink full of really hot water, tent a towel over your head and get a good pore opening at the same time. I tend to find if there’s no avoiding it, a massage or hot bath with epsom salts seems to bring what I’ve got to the forefront. Tip in a few drops of Clary Sage, essential oil into your bath as I do and feel extra virtuous.

And they have a cold remedy pack, too!

Echinacea tea. Love this stuff. I drink it by the gallon when I’m feeling run down. Traditional Medicinals makes a sampler box of cold-fighting teas that includes, Echinacea, Throat Coat and Breathe Easy.

One puff and your cold could be kaputt.

Call me crazy but if I start to get that tickle in my throat, a few puffs of a stogie seems to keep it at bay. I’m not recommending smoking, but if cigars are being passed around and I’m not feeling 100%, I just might inhale.

What are your suggestions for keep a cold at bay? Are there any products you swear by?

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