Best Calorie Burning Exercises

Breakdown: What exercises burn the most calories
Cross country skiing may look easy, but it’s so not. Also, it’s a major calorie burner.

I need to be bikini ready in less than a week, so lately I’ve been focusing on the amount of calories burned in exercise. As much as I like fat burning exercises, I’m hitting up routines that offer at least 300 calories burned per half hour.  

Here are five top calorie blasting workouts:

Running to burn calories

Sprinting away from mindless noshing, and you’ll be rewarded by burning up to 700 calories an hour. Running works every part of your body and doesn’t require any equipment or a fancy gym. If it’s not already part of your regular regime, try to alternate three minutes of running with one minute of walking. Even a steady jog is a great fat burner. Just be sure to stretch it out after.

How many calories can you burn cross country skiing?

Not many workouts double as a family pastime. This winter activity is so much fun, you won’t even realize you’re exercising. Those bored of the gym, can take it outside, toning both upper and lower body parts, while reconnecting with nature. Gliding through the woods (or nearby park) for even just half an hour, burns over 300 calories. Take it uphill and double the deficit. My favourite spots for cross country are the Canmore Nordic Centre and Pocaterra in the Kananaskis.

What’s the calorie burn for jumping rope?

When you’re a busy gal like I am, skipping rope allows you to squeeze in a workout no matter where you are. Once you’ve mastered the basics, you can get technical with side swings, cross patterns and jacks, nailing off 130 calories every ten minutes. No wonder boxers look so cut.

Kickboxing calories

If you have a choice between high impact aerobics and kickboxing, go for the jugular. Not only will you release any pent up angst, but you’ll also tone body parts you didn’t know existed. Through those jabs and kicks, you’ll get an aggressive cardio burn combined with resistance work. Commit to a one hour class, and you’ll slash off 600 to 800 calories.

How many calories do you burn at spin class?

This is one group exercise class that anyone can try, regardless of ability level. Cycling is intense but there’s no impact, so your knees and other joints won’t feel the pain (that’s reserved for your legs and butt). With great tunes and a motivating instructor, you’ll be challenged and often push to the limit, but it’s worth it, burning up to 700 calories during a one hour class. I’m addicted to the classes at One Cycle Spin Studio in Calgary.

What kind of exercise do you turn to when you’re trying to blast calories?


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  1. Hey J, all great ideas – weightlifting truly works for me and the calories just keep on burning even after the workout is done and don’t forget the “plank” (try holding than for a couple of minutes). T

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