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 AntiGravity in Calgary at Fit Republic

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Have you heard of these AntiGravity Suspension Fitness classes? I had heard something about hammock yoga, but I had no idea what it was all about until I checked out Fit Republic in Bridgeland. So far, it’s the only licensed AntiGravity studio in Calgary.

Anti gravity outdoors

This boutique studio offers a wide variety of classes including combining two different programs (Yoga plus Ride equals Yo’Ride). If you’re into fusion fitness, this is your Mecca. There’s TRX, barre, rowing and cool spin classes, where you cycle to fab destinations via video monitor. But it was AntiGravity I was most curious about. 

Anti gravity inversion

AntiGravity is so much more than “hammock yoga.” I mean, who even called it that in the first place? It’s awesome for people with bad backs, compression issues, tight hip flexors, etc… If you have some kind of problem (ha!), check out the benefits here. Most folks come out of class a full inch taller! Sadly, you’ll shrink during the rest of the day.

Anti gravity studio

In the introductory AntiGravity class I took, we hung upside down like bats, stretched it out like vampires, flew like butterflies and chilled inside cocoon-like wraps. There were also amazing stretches to get those hip flexors less stressed and plenty of inversions to decompress the spine. 

Anti gravity butterfly outdoors

It was unusual, interested and definitely something I’d do again. I felt especially limber and supple after class. I’m keen to try their anti-gravity fitness and barre classes, too.

Have you ever tried an AntiGravity class? Do you think it’s something you’d like to try?

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